Canadian Way looking for 4 more active players. We are just shy of reaching 650k

If you are an active player, Come join our friendly active group. Warning:
Many of us are older and rural folk in real life.


  • durvdurv Member Posts: 2
    If you got a Bed roll and need a posse come on over ! We have no point requirement! We don't pressure folks! We have no drama ( and don't want any)! We do have fun and we talk a lot ! There is good times to be had and friends to be made! Come find us at, Canadian Way!
    Deputy Durv
  • RandiScottRandiScott Member Posts: 12
    3 spaces left!
  • HoolioHoolio Member Posts: 1
    I'll vouch for this posse! Great people with great senses of humour! Very friendly and very helpful, always willing to answer questions and provide tips. I was in a couple posses before this one...but I stayed in this one and intend to do so. By far the most fun posse I've been in! Come join us!
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