Are you bad enough for THE WANTED?

This notorious band of rebels and outlaws are looking for those who want the big scores! But be warned, we are not for the timid. We live by the code. We play hard, and talk trash. We push eachother to compete at our top performance. If you desire a place where you can kick butt, and can truely say whats on your mind, look no more. Our minimums are your twice your level times 1000. Think you have what it takes to make The Wanted list? Then check out, The Wanted.

The DIRTYSOUTH is another hideout where we go when we need a break. Thats where we train our up and comers and hide from the pinkertons! Join us there if you need top lvl advice on how to make your stamp in the cpw world. There are no minimums there, but you have to play to stay, no free rides. If your good enough, you will make it up to the big leagues. Just search for DirtySouth...


  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    We are a top 3 posse as yall can see. We dont have enough higher level people to hold top 3 during cattle events, so we need some more guns to help keep us where we should be. Holding top 3 in gold rush should show our level of commitment to participation all round, and really look forward to gathering the baddest of the bad asses to bring our notorious gang to where we should be. There are no laws, and no limits in our gang. The weak get the boot, and the strong take their place. The posse is: The Wanted

    Not quite ready to take your place amoung the baddest yet? Thats what the DIRTYSOUTH is for. This aint no old timers posse either! the DIRTYSOUTH is where you can get instructions from the top outlaws on how to take down the pinkertons, sheriff's, deputies, and their old gals the sally's. Want the big rewards? Come join the big dawgs!
    The posse is: DirtySouth
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Lets see what ya got folks! Join up in one of our two posse's today.

    Main posse: The Wanted
    Conditioning posse: DirtySouth
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Still lookin...
  • shrobert79shrobert79 Member Posts: 183
    Filling up FAST
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Still need 4 real shooters for events and to shoot off at the mouth! What are you waiting for?
  • shrobert79shrobert79 Member Posts: 183
    It's NotFor the faint at heart....
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