~TXP Rising~ leaderboard posse with 30k min! Part of the TXP Family: One of the best posses in game!

Alright guys and gals! TXP Rising wants some active players who can score at least 30K each event! :smiley:
They have been on the leaderboard for a while now and has the goal to become a 3.5 mill posse one day! It would love some dedicated new players, TXP Rising has already veteran players who will eagerly help you progress with sound good advice.
You will become part of the TXP family and if you have a competitor in your belly you will have the shot to be in one of the very best posses in the game!

It's a fun loving well spirited posse, you'll love them!

Just search for the Posse: TXP Rising
Or you can just contact me here :smiley:


  • KerilynKerilyn Member Posts: 34
    Come on over to TXP Rising! Great posse!
  • GambinoGambino Member Posts: 3
    I average 40k - 50k on cattle and 50k - 60k on the miner battles. Do y'all still have spots open?

    Oh I must be upfront, I don't go anywhere without my bottle of Jack.
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 198
    Hey Gambino, I'll see what we can do. If not this week, go to TXP 2. Burone is with us now, don't know if you knew
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 198
    Sorry, it's TXPunishment2. Just search TXP and it'll come up. That one is open so you can just join, and we have room. Rising is full
  • GambinoGambino Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Tex. I saw that Bourne made it. I'm gonna go check it out.
  • GambinoGambino Member Posts: 3
    I just requested to join TXPunishment2.
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