Cattle Battles strategies

Hey there !
Just wondering what's your strategy for high levels Cattle Battles with 3 "paddocks"

I know many times I just can't finish it not because all my sidekicks are dead but because I'm running out of time
There is some pass you can't use to finish it in time.

So do you have some special personnal tips to share?
What sort of sidekicks do you use ?
I know 49er really don't like sally but I'm sure you have the best way to do it !
so I try to use some others when I see a lot of sallyzzzzz…!

& a happy new 2016 yeeee-aaa-r pointing west for everyone ;-)


  • gunny4avigunny4avi Member Posts: 1
    Plan your route before starting look for the minimum towers you can kill to get the pen. Also how you can move from one pen to the next without getting hit. Use your flags to move them where you want them to go.
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 28
    Start with 4-5 wranglers& 6 mercs , keep adding wranglers . Leave sallies until last. Or. 4-5 wranglers 4 rangers 2 gattling mercs or 2. Add wranglers last pen flood with 49ers or gunslingers. I'm lvl39....
  • ReaperSmithReaperSmith Member Posts: 3
    I'm level 35 attack strategy is: - 6 mercs, 6 wranglers, top up with 49ers, then wranglers or 49ers dependant on troops or towers need hitting
  • ColinCooperColinCooper Member Posts: 1
    I'm at level 39 I alway start blindly with attack to save time. 1, shaman 3, Gatling 4,49's 2,tinmen 2,rangers 3,mercenary the rest gunslingers. I quickly place them determining for the closest pen when my posse clears enough in there path I flag the pen and as soon as the pen is takin down I add more tinmen then gunslingers then a shaman and Gatling with 49's. Sometimes it's worth flagging my group back to attack the next pen. It's all about how fast you can take all pens down for a good score.
  • cowsnndoddcowsnndodd Member Posts: 10
    Can you actually leave a cattle battle without taking out both pens and still fill a train cR?
  • Wingman300Wingman300 Member Posts: 222
    If there are 3 pens you have to free all 3, same for 2 same for 1. You must free them all to get any credit.
  • cowsnndoddcowsnndodd Member Posts: 10
    Darn, that's what I thought!
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