Level 37

Having a hard time defeating Forgotten Fields in level 37. Can you help out an old cowpoke :-)

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  • TheGrumpy1TheGrumpy1 Member Posts: 30
    Hi Pecus, I agree with CJ. I usually don't worry about oil derricks unless i'm short of steel. But I just had a go at a Lvl37 FF so I could answer honestly.
    The left side is reasonably open, a few tinnies, wranglers and rangers from the initial drop point and work your way down to the left middle camp. Deploy your 49rs from that point and push down to the bottom left. Take out the sally near the oil well and battle won. I lost 3 TM, 3 Wranglers and 2 49rs. Keep punching Pecus. You'll get there.
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