Deplorables...couple spots open.

Finished 3rd last event. Looking to maintain, or overcome ranking.
Fun group. Adults only please. Chat can get a little interesting at times ;) lol!
Giddy up!
"Trust, but verify"


  • RimjobLuvRimjobLuv Member Posts: 1
    Having a guy like Hairyotter, means that we even cater to the gay community!
  • JohnboyJohnboy Member Posts: 1
    Hillary thinks we are deplorable. We wear that as a badge of honor. But we welcome all of our brothers and sisters from around the globe. If you love freedom, then you're as "deplorable " as we are.
  • lurchlurch Member Posts: 104
    Politics are rarely the topic of conversation, and most of us have been playing cpw together for better than a year...come on and have some fun.
  • hairyotterhairyotter Member Posts: 8
    We are also having the uglist player competition. If ANYONE thinks they can beat Rimjob, PLEASE sigh up. He is lonely!
  • JimmieRainwoodJimmieRainwood Member Posts: 22
    Couple spots open for tomorrow's CB y'all!
    In case you're wondering, Hairyotter won the ugly contest last event. lol!
    Come join the fun!
    "Trust, but verify"
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