Lightnin' Gang is Lighting it up!!

Come join us for some Wild West Fun!! New Posse scoring over 100,000 right now with only 4--'THAT'S RIGHT-- OVER 100,000 POINTS WITH ONLY 4 Members. We are few in number (just formed) but stout of heart. All we ask is to have have fun and join in the comraderie of the posse. No freeloaders please but don't expect 1,000 minimum per level either. We just want to kick some driller ass and have fun with are pardners' while doing it! Search for "Lightnin Gang" and saddle up!


  • WillWill Member Posts: 67
    Lightning, I like you and your teams energy! Building ones posse can be challenging. Have you and your members ever considered joining forces with Dirty Harry's? We are experienced "leaderboard" cowboys wanting to share strategies and tactics. We communicate a lot to share TIPS, even found a way to communicate out side of CP West to maximize our focus. We have no minimum scores just want everyone to grow and have fun. We even chart and share our progress . This gold raid, some cowboys at 200k while others around 25k cause they are still learning. Lightning, let's talk, I think our two posses could be an interesting interesting energy that keeps growing! Check us out! Dirty Harry's isn't about ego, just growing and having fun!
  • TeeceeTeecee Member Posts: 4
    Did look into you, just wanted a larger posse, so will stay put for now....however, if you would consider joining forces Old Farts is looking for fun and active players. despite the name, we're not that old...we have fun, we help out and we do our minimums set....come check us out
  • DragonnoDragonno Member Posts: 8
    I will consider joining if you have some 'THUNDER' to go along with that 'LIGHTNIN'! If you ever need a solid Deputy, let me know. I will always cover your back!
  • DragonnoDragonno Member Posts: 8
    By the way, Dragonno=Thunder=Diego.
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