Update 1.9 - Find out what's new!

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NOTE! We had to wipe the posse event and the leaderboard for the last event while making improvements. The issue will be resolved when the next event starts in couple of days.

The snow has melted and spring is on the way but not everything in the Wild West has reverted back to the way it was before. There’s a tough and sturdy fella’ who has arrived to the frontier, ready to take part in all the rustling and battling that’s been goin’ on. Welcome the Legendary Tin Man!

NEW - It's payback time!

Now y’all can get back the resources looted from y’all! It’s time for a revenge! Tap open the attack information from the battlelog and y’all find the revenge button next to the replay option. Y’all have one chance to revenge the opponent. Use it well!

NEW - Legendary unit merging costs revamped

The costs for merging Legendary units are revamped! Now all the Legendary unit merges require gold, whereas the goods costs have been dropped significantly. Merge more Legendaries!

NEW - More Battle Points

Deploy more troops! The maximum amount of Battle Points is increased.

NEW - Low-level guard tower hitpoints reduced

HItpoints of low-level guard towers are reduced the following way:

NEW - Hitpoints of low-level Camps are reduced

Hitpoints of low-level camps are reduced the following way:

What else is new in this update:
• Christmas is over - Plant a souvenir from the Christmas Update
• Starter Bundle to replace the Christmas Cheer Bundle

Improvements and fixes:
• Tin Man is back! - Damage buff is gone
• Overall performance improved and memory consumption reduced
• PvP leaderboards now show Posse names below player names
• Legendary Forty Niner can take more hits - Increased health

Come and discuss this update here:
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