Top posse looking for 40k+ members

FragFrag Member Posts: 336
420raiderz has always been in the top 6-7 on the leaderboard. Mostly in the 3rd or 4th place. However we lost a few members lately who could not remain consistent throughout the game.

We are looking for 4 new members before the next event. Level 32 above. 40k required to remain in the posse.

A friendly bunch :)


  • HowdyDoodyHowdyDoody Member Posts: 11
    I would like to join the posse, please. CPW name is Brian. I had been in Las VegasWash posse as co-leader and consistently was top tanked there. I left the posse yesterday because we could never break 1 million in events, and I was tired of posting >> 40K per event while the leader kept people who always posted below 20K.
  • HowdyDoodyHowdyDoody Member Posts: 11
    Have sent request in game. I am currently L44
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    We have one more missing. Come join us. Together we will make it to the top ;)
  • clintclint Member Posts: 24
    clint here. regularly put up 40-45k i would like to join
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