Need 35-45K?

clintclint Member Posts: 24
Looking for a leaderboard posse who wants a member that will put up 35-45k per event


  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 28
    True fit our profile.
  • lurchlurch Member Posts: 104
    We will be removing a member or two. We are very active, on the leaderboard every event. Some members are still growing and improving but we are hoping to hit 1 mil this event. Let me know if you want in
  • Rodeo_ShellyRodeo_Shelly Member Posts: 8
    Clint, you should try Wyatt & June. Wyatt & June has friendly and mature members. We have some spots that have recently opened up, and we are looking to fill them. We'd love to have you join us.
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