40 something... 29 members getting 12k+ points/event... 700k point+ posse!

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Posse : 40 something. Currently 1 under strength, if you are a 'mature' player level 25 or higher and willing to get 12k+ in Posse Events. Please consider us for your future posse needs..... Drama Queens, Lecturers & Travelling Salesmen need not apply.

40 something posse: mums and dads (& now grandparents too) who like to game.

See you on the trail


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    clan info: Mums and dads who like to game. Minimum points 10k in events. Minimum level 25.

    Currently we are 23 members, level 26 to level 42. Earning 10k to 40k points per event. Recently hitting 350k to 380k per event, hoping to consistently beat 400k with a few more active players. Looking for mature adults, low pressure, English language, multinational.
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    40 something has added 2 new players recruited from this forum.. Ya-hoo! So we are now 25 players, level 25 and up. Aiming for 400k per event, asking for 12k per player. International, English language chat. Low pressure, low drama. Set on request because of a persistent leech. Just give me a shout and come join in!
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    Come join us, we don't bite. Well, don't get too close to Maddog, has a bit of a reputation...
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    He claims he's had his shots, but I haven't actually seen the certificate.
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    Thanks to excellent response to this notice, we are currently at full complement of 30 members, but please consider us for your future posse needs, yehaw!
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    One slot has opened up in our active, but not high pressure clan. 10k minimum points during events. 400k+ for posse. International crew, English language chat. Currently set on 'request only' so give me a shout to come visit.
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    One slot open in active but not high pressure clan. We got 790k in most recent event. We ask for 10k points per player minimum in posse events. International, English language, low drama. Set on 'request' because of a persistent leech. Posse: 40 something
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    When posting posse reqruitment ads, please give info about your posse. Give potential members a reason to choose YOU! Also, you can edit your discussion header to update info, not necessary to start a new 'discussion'. We all want members, let's make it easy for people to find the right posse, and posses to find the right people. Happy Trails
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    My user name is Lightnin and I'm at level 27(close to 28). I'd love to join if another opening arises. Please let me know, after reading the posts I think we'd be a great fit. Thanks.
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    Lightnin, I'll get in touch when a spot opens up.
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    Hi all, a spot has opened up at 40 something.
    Low drama, mature players, Getting 700+ per event.
    International, English chat. 10k minimum/event.
    Set on request due to a persistent leech.
    Give a shout if you are interested.
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    Howdy! Mums and dads who like to game?! Well, sign me up buckaroo! Level 27, getting 10k+ every event, working to get that rail where I have 3 sets of battles ready to go. Easy going, consistent, reliable.... And, oh yeah, 40 somethin' *ahem* - I mean ..."mature"
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    Looks like a slot opening up for a mature, active player. 10k minimum posse points per player. We are currently getting over 700k per event. I'll be opening the posse after current event, stop by and check us out. '40 something' is a leech free zone.
    Happy Trails.
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    Yes, it's official. One spot open for a mature, active player. 10k posse points is minimum per player per event, but we have several players getting 60k to 80k.
    40 something currently gets around 750k per event, hoping to break the 800k mark soon.
    International, English chat, low drama,

    40 something.... Mums and dads who like to game.
    See you on the trail!
  • maddogmaddog Member Posts: 1
    Appears posse is down as I'm posseless :-(
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Same here maddog, I have a ticket in with support.
  • Toothless_TimToothless_Tim Member Posts: 1
    I'm glad I checked here, I thought you kicked me from the posse!!!
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 29
    My second account is looking for a home. 12 k will be easy for me too achieve in cool down period.Let me know....
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Two openings! Get 'em while their hot!
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Only one vacancy left!
  • rueben79rueben79 Member Posts: 3
    Can I join but only level 18 but 10 k no problem
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    rueben79, I'll check with my coleaders and private message you.
  • rueben79rueben79 Member Posts: 3
    Ok thanks I'd really like to join
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    C'mon in, I dropped the minimum level to 18. See you soon.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    One opening for a mature gamer. Low drama, international crew getting 850k points/event. Level 20 or higher willing to get 15k+ posse points per event.
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    @Oblio Im a 23 and can do over 15K and are actively upgrading to do more. Any spots?
    Stonewall Guild/Six Shooter Posse
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    Fallout from the tandem Gold Rush events has left 40 something a little short handed.
    Looking for active, mature player to join an international posse. 12k minimum posse points in Cattle Battle events is required.
    Low drama, English language chat. We've been on the leaderboard the last two CB events, reaching 1.2 million posse points.
  • SirOvenMittSirOvenMitt Member Posts: 3
    Have 3 people in our Posse, we all work together and looks like were getting 14k+ on the event. Were looking to join a experienced posse that we can grow in. Do yall have room for three people?
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    Sorry, only 2 spaces open, I'd hate to break up the band!. Hope you find a good posse to join.
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    1 opening for mature active player, 12k posse points minimum for events. Low drama, international posse. Slipped off the leaderboard, but solidly getting 650k, hoping to get back up past 800k with a full posse.

    Mums, dads & youngish grandparents who like to game.... 40 something posse
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