Special Posse Event - Week 4



  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    The 4 hour cooldown is the best thing that ever happened to the event.
    People complaining about the increase in points compared to the longer cooldown must have been failing math 101.
    Everybody has been making WAY more points this event!
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Unfair to compare the two directly, a regular cattle battle scored 1200+ for a quick finish, a special event cattle battle scored 1900+. So it was easy to get a much higher total. I regularly get 40k, for the same number of CB's I got 64k. The limiting factor for many of us is CB difficulty, not event duration or cool down time.
  • BanditBandit Member Posts: 8
    Love the game !! But and yes there is always a but I think there needs to be adjustment I think you should get credit towards you leveling other then upgrading your defense buildings you should also gain towards leveling from doing raids and cattle battles there has to be some give and take it seems the only way to level is to spend money because when your town gets raided you lose a lot of your gold and goods .
  • Desperado_DanDesperado_Dan Member Posts: 20
    Hey, employ Brutus, I like his game. I have limited time to play games and can't contribute to my posse as much as id like. 3hrs while taking care of kids max. Stretch. Slowing things down does deter me more and more and the retaking of farms is low reward high risk. I'd love to know the economics of this game so i could give constructive feedback. I am currently more and more casual because i say either ho hum done that, cant do that, too long to wait for that and similar. I loved it when i first started. Ill keep checking in
  • Terry_LeeTerry_Lee Member Posts: 5
    I will admit, the new setup for events was better than I had expected. 4 hour cool downs is a bit long. 3 hour cool downs may be better; in 4 hours, I've moved on to do other stuff and tend to shove the game to the side. Aksel, don't get your comment about math 101, since the numbers tell the truth. I'm an Engineer, so, I guess that answers the question about math skills. The longer cool downs should benefit lower level players, but, does the opposite for higher levels. I've nearly completed all building upgrades, so, I log off during the cool down period. I had my best event, scoring over 92k; with that said, I guess it works out alright. As a suggestion, it would keep everyone's attention longer if the top reward cards went beyond 1 million. We hit 1m on Friday and posse participation dropped dramatically over the weekend. There should be a happy medium between the old event setup and the present event setup. I do appreciate you all working on keeping the game interesting.
  • Terry_LeeTerry_Lee Member Posts: 5
    I do have a suggestion that would help posse leaders immensely. We need some type of system to enable us to know who's on, who's not, and how long since they've logged in. A previous game I played used color coded dots, in their version, of our posse members screen. Green signified they were currently on, yellow when offline for less than 12 hours, orange offline 12 hours, red offline 24 hours and black offline a week. It's nearly impossible to weed out defunct players and non/little participants while trying to work on our game at the same time. A system similar to that could enable us to easily weed out those who are holding our posse back. The difference between a top 5 and top 20 posse is only the participation, or lack there of, of a couple of people. Also, it would be helpful if we could, 1, delete obsolete mail from the mailbox and 2, send personal mail to individuals. Don't like calling out people in main chat and not knowing if they are seeing it is another issue. The game is cool and I enjoy it a lot, but, there needs to be some sort of internal policing/control for the posse leaders as well. Thanks
  • Terry_LeeTerry_Lee Member Posts: 5
    One more thing for the math 101 genius. With a 2 hour cool down and the 1200 point system you can score roughly 9600 points; with the 4 hour cool down and the 1900 point system you can score 7600 points. Last time I checked, 9600 is higher than 7600. Hmm, wonder who needs to go back to Marh 101 now?
  • NekobasuNekobasu Staff Posts: 127
    @Terry_Lee Thanks for your comments and suggestions! Some kind of indication of who's been active and who hasn't would surely be helpful for posses workin' hard to reaching those target goals!
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 13
    Math certainly comes into play in the algorithm West is continually working to optimize, but the main variable is trains. Cool down time is important as well, but unless you are back-to-back raiding for the entire 100+ hour event, your posse peeps are better off getting more points per train and for most hombres this leads to more points and hence a higher Posse Performance. For those that can truly continuously wrangle every 2 hours, hats off to you as you are a much more dedicated player than I.

    "Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend" -Theophrastus

    Are you spending yours wisely?
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