Top ten of stars

ArveArve Member Posts: 3
The top ten in stars are not stupid, and Carly Kid are not smacker. I just get so angry sometimes and then i call them all stupid. They are just Good Players who love this game. :) Carly Kid you better come and raid me more if you shall cache Zero :) To @Kane1 , you tell him to step up his game so him can cache Zero and be no.1. :)@manof58 , you have point i shall start my own posse of retards. :) If you loe this game you are just like me to get upset everytime you et raidet, but hey that's the way of this game. I'm off this game it's nothing more for me to do here. You all rocks. :smiley: Have fun :)


  • Kane1Kane1 Member Posts: 173
    Haha hey Arve no offence intended mate hope none was taken?!
    I do encourage CK but that Zero is something special!!
    Mate if you ever fancy an event with us Rogue's drop me a message will make you a space, Not even sure of your game name??
    Good luck in all you do, Peace out Bruvva :)
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