Game Freeze - Transition Screen

ColdetColdet Member Posts: 14
I recently started playing and am constantly encountering issues when trying to scout or attack certain targets. The game freezes on the Saloon door transition screen. This mostly happens with oil rigs which was not a major issue but now this has happened with my rail point. I've repeatedly tried over several hours. I have deleted the applications data, deleted the game but nothing works.

Is this game still being serviced by Next Games or is it dead and this post is a waste of time?


  • TheGrumpy1TheGrumpy1 Member Posts: 27
    Hi Coldet, I would not say the game is dead till they kill the server but as for support from Next Games. Not going to happen. I have experienced what you are talking about and it is usually network speed that is the cause for the issue. Also are you playing on IOS or Android? Android has a lot more difficulty and lag if the network is weak.
    Don't get frustrated, just think of it as an additional challenge. Enjoy the game whilst it is still alive.
    Happy raids buddy.
  • ColdetColdet Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for the reply. I donly believe the issue is/was latency related. Mostly only ever occurs when playing on Mobile Data in poor reception areas. I've experienced no problems on my home WiFi network.
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