1 hour speed up/cool down on opening card packs when watching ads ect

Talon69Talon69 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2017 in Bugs & Issues
I had 1 hour odd left on cool down on pack opening and then watched an add and this opened a bonus of 1 hour cool time so this made the pack available to open. Instead of opening it straight away I watched another add and had another 1 hour cool down card. instead of this being placed into inventory ect I lost it. along with a 20min cool down card when battling the bad guys ect and claiming back land ect. So should you not look into this as it defeats the object of promoting adverts? Also as game playing you should be able to save the cards. If I would of known I was going to lose 80 minutes then I would of opened the pack straight away!
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