The journey so far

2 months ago a posse started from scratch. 3-4 players not getting the most from the posse they were with. So started a new one from scratch. I say scratch a lot because that is what it was. Not a rename or a merge but a brand new posse. It had targets, get 30 players, get leaderboard, get top 10. And now that is what it has. I say all this not to promote my posse as I won't be mentioning it, but to show other new posses or mid leaderboard posses, that with a little effort you can also compete. Rogues are flying, HEH are always up there but you can always progress. Look at Double shots forever leaderboard but consistently top 20, now top 5. A great push with effort, now with rewards.

So posses, aim high look big, and let's get this leaderboard bouncing.


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