Forum improvement?

Who's bright idea was it to put symbols over people's icons?
That's a pretty duh move.
Awwwwwww :* So cute they added little pictures for " like/dislike/agree etc..."
But what brainiac decided to cover up the icons???
Do you see how ridiculous it looks?

>:) We wait for updates and this is what we get????
You must be joking...

Hey! I have a great idea... How about finishing the game.... Instead of drawing little hearts and smiles?

oh it helped the game so much with you Devs doing that!!! ( gag)

Smooth move, maybe for a child's game.....but does nothing to Improve or complete game so that we can still enjoy it.

Hey Devs-Tip: People pay more money to play a functioning game... Who gives a rip about pretty symbols when the game is not completed uh??? Marketing 101.

Symbols.... I laugh and shake my head at CPW. So happy they gave you guys crayons, or I'd not be able to sleep at night. Wow. That really fixed it.. We've all been waiting YEARS for that!

ACHOO achoo. Oh sorry I'm allergic to BS. >:):s:s
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