Had a moment tonight that has hit home .

I'm not going to go into details about me and my life but I just want to say how sorry I am for any comments I have made to people on the forum ever. That is to everyone without exception. I hope I can be forgiven. I really am truly sorry


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    Well...MPH, as you've said, "it is a game."

    Speaking for myself, I have learned a lot about dealing with people around the world, and cross culturally, here in Compass Point West. I initially thought those towns in pvp were just computer towns, not people. That was before trains and posses. Lol

    Like you, I have had my share of "run ins" but I've always believed one can learn life lessons in West, and these life lessons can one day be applied in one's own real life. Not that West isn't real, because it is.

    West is full of so many personalities. That is what I like about it. Even one person can give off so many different aspects of humanity, from cheating, to stealing, to lying, loving, caring, romance, asking, befriending, yelling, passing wisdom, talking, joking, learning, bullying, and softening the blow. It's cool to ride in to this imaginary battle, together....trying to beat the corruption of greedy oil barrens, who just want to ruin the pristine western landscape!

    Who knows?....

    Perhaps we innately are practicing for a new world as well? One free from the toxins of corporate greed, and a world restored to a more natural and healthy state. You got to start somewhere. Practice makes perfect.
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