PIRATES are coming

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We are full currently but there is always a chance we may not be. Think about your current position, is it where you want to be. If it is then kick arse, if not, maybe think about the fasted growing posse in the west. Yes I know there are 3 posses above us and they may be more desirable..... Pffftt, we are the place to be . Although anyone one of the top 3 is also a good place to be, just not the best place to be. That's us at Pirates. Top 4, 2 events in a row. Gr and CB. Maybe we are the new kids in the block, maybe we can challenge the legends. Join us if you want to try, I know I'll soon be chatting to Rogues, heh and chuck wagon about who is best


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    If we ARE full pm me, if you are the right player I may be able to accommodate
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    Forget my doubters. They are now friends.

    Goal one. Get leader board. Check
    Goal 2 , to get 30 players , check
    Goal 3 , to get top 10, check
    Goal 4, to get top 5, check
    Goal5, to get top 3........look out
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    3months. Posse from scratch not a merge or name change. Now 4th best posse in CPW. But don't join me, join someone else and help them progress too.
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