CPW New CB Record Invitational

SkodancySkodancy Member Posts: 190
Compass Point West fans: our record setting posse is now 1/2 full. There is still room for you to join us. We are so far composed of players from a variety of top active posses, such as 40 Something, Sh00t!, Hand'em High, Guns Of 1 Cow, FU posse, Chuck Wagon. Are you interested in representing your posse in this exciting one time only event? It is open TO ALL CPW players!!!

Please contact me. I can get you in, our planning group.

Requirement 350k or better.

Date soon to be announced.


  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    CPW new HEH record I believe
  • SkodancySkodancy Member Posts: 190
    edited August 2017
    How's that? We are trying to beat an Heh record.

    I'm not HEH. I do lead Guns Of West, though.
  • GudGud Member Posts: 174
    I really feel sorry all of you that only can connect CPW with HeH!
    I do this beacuse I like the ones I play with, not beacuse I'm obsessed with Trainraiders or another posse.
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