In support of Doodle Ann

Most of you know me. Most of you have played with me. I hope most of you respect me in the same way I respect you. there are real people with real feelings behind these game names. I'm asking you to let it go. Play in a posse you love with people you enjoy. Whatever grievances you may have are old news. If you get attacked on here-by all means hit back if you want. But I have not seen DA go after anyone on here. What started as an argument about HEH and their tactics over the years has degenerated into a personal attack against someone who is minding her own business for a LONG time now and just trying to enjoy the game. My personal experience with DA has been fine. If yours was/is different, fine! Don't play with her! But don't keep knocking her down for no current reason.



  • xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
    Sorry but da attitude goes way more than just in cpw in private messages that I had to block even the lord himself would too
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