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    Frag, glad you put to words what many of us have been thinking. Hat off to you, partner,
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    you are still mistaken on us in top gunz. We had seven player's hit over 200 and 13 over 100. Members did leave but only after we hit 3.5 mil. I left to view another posse that did not finish in the top 10 and contributed very little to them. It was just for fun to say high. This picture was before anyone of our 30 left and before we hit 3.5. That was just top ten. Rest of posse was in same area.
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    Nikkers to be clear I was leader but left to find out what happened in other teams. Promised to return and told you. There was a discussion and the conclusion was you were against feeders. This is fine. I then got impression that making these suggestions made me less than welcome so left - different than being kicked
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    Newmex I monitored your posse. There was plenty of in and outs. Plenty. And that's before you hit 3.5. Don't know why you guys deny it. Anyone can see the names changing and the pending requests.

    Anyway. I can't do anything about it. I just don't agree with it.

    We had plenty of high scorers. 3 at 170. 3 around 150. A dozen over 100 And the rest between 80-100. Two were at 60.

    If it wasn't for the feeder system you would have to play with the 30 you have.

    Let me explain why it isn't fair. Let's take soccer or hockey for example. One well all players are there. All are on the top of their game. So they win all their games that week. The following week one is absent. One is injured. One isn't on top of his game. So that week they don't win all the games. Same here. One week the posse is too notch. All players available. The next week it isn't since a few cant play as much. That gives a chance to others to be on top.

    In the way the game was designed that is how it would remain competitive. We don't want feeder teams. We respect our members and keep the same 30 unless someone leaves. Then we had another before an event and work with that new member. If someone goes on holidays we just cover for him. Someone works this ever we just cover for him. Like any team in real life does. It just gives others the chance to win occasionally which is what inspires us to try to win.

    Now you guys have taken that away. Even if you keep insisting that you don't allow ins and outs you can still choose the most available for the event out of 60-90 players.

    Why is there a need to work the system this way man. Every online game I have ever player a few people have to come and find a loophole or a cheat to just ruin it. It's poor sportsmanship.

    HeH started this feeder thing and now it's forces everyone to either do that or not win. And if it wasn't for those feeder systems they wouldn't have ever put 3.5mil events. That is a ridiculous goal. With the scores we had we were still away by 400k. We would have needed 3-4 fresh guys from a feeder system to make it, like you guys do. And HeH. And Saigon. And TX and all the other 8 in the top ten.

    Seriously. What I say above makes perfect sense as you know it. To remain fun and competitive from week to week posses need to remain original and work with what they got. Plain and simple.

    There are 100's if not 1000's of posses and now the top is dominated by 80% feeder systems. That isn't how 99.9% of the people wanna play.

    Anyway. Let's see what the dev team does. It really should be played in a fair way. Right now why even try to win 1st. We can't compete with 40-50 guys. And during this event I monitored it in the last hours. The amount of ins and outs was ridiculous, in all feeder posses. Seems a bit much if you ask me. What we do we encourage ourselves. Push ourselves. Motivate from within. We don't bring in fresh men to send that extra 200-300k. We try to find that within the team. Like any team should do.

    I've made my peace wth this. I could write all day and in the end I have no control over this. Only the dev team does.
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    ps my 140 I ended with did not make top 10.
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    Frag, your reference to sporting teams is almost comical. Every sports team has reserves that they call upon when a player is not able to contribute. In Hockey 6 of the 20 players on the bench are allowed on the ice at one time. When a player is tired and unable to contribute he heads to the bench and swaps with a fresh player that can better contribute. If a player is away or injured a player is brought up from the teams affiliate or a reserve player is called up. This is the same for Pro teams and beer league players alike.

    How about soccer then? If a player has run up and down the field so much that he can no longer run isn't it in the best interest of the team to substitute him out for someone that can?

    Swapping players is a strategy based on the parameters of the game as it has currently been designed. If they change it people will adapt but no one is cheating or exploiting the game. They are making the most of the system available to them.

    You may think swapping is unfair to your posse but it has kept many people I know playing the game that otherwise would have quit entirely. Swapping is also a way to develop newer players by allowing then to gain better cards and not feeling like they will never catch up. Sure there are some drawbacks but there are also positives that need to be considered.
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    I just want to understand Frag, if you have players that are not contributing, you just leave them in your posse and do not kick? I would love to see your screenshots since you seem to monitor the top teams so closely
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    Mfjoker we talk before an event and if someone can't play we replace them before the event. They are committed before the event. No one just all of a sudden becomes inactive unless a life emergency happens.

    Here, see my screenshots for yourself. One left half way and we didn't replace during the event. Only yesterday. One left yesterday. He was replaced as well. We have two with 0 points. The two new guys that came in AFTER the event. We play with integrity. We play with the team we create.
    image.png 1011.1K
    image.png 1005.2K
    image.png 1016.9K
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    Dakre yes the hockey team allows the guys already on the bench to play. However they don't call in re-enforcement that comes in half way through the game. Not the same thing at all.

    This swapping you talk about happens in a controlled way. With set numbers. Not just allowing outside people in. The game is set that way. Find it comical if you want but no team can call in a bunch of guys out of nowhere. They are there when the game starts i.e. when the event starts.

    Every player should play like we all did to earn their cards. Not be soon fed like babies.

    Some players would have left? Well open your eyes and look. 99% aren't into the feeder thing. It's the minority that does it. Not the majority.

    What positives is there other then spoon feeding people who don't wanna play the way to a level or to gain cards? What positives is there when the majority wants a fair game aujourd'hui chance to win but we can't ever get close cause the feeders use 30-35-40 players to win.

    I get your point. I agree it isn't cheating. I don't call it cheating. I just call it playing in an unfair unsportsmanlike way.

    No matter what anyone says the real winners are 420raidedz. We are in the 4th spot with 30 players. Not 35 or 40. Not even 21. 30 players. We don't need to play the system to gain these points. We built up our team from scratch one player at a time.

    If you think we aren't the winners then the only way we can ever see that is for everyone to start with 30 and keep their 30. If someone ends up not contributing what they committed to you deal with it. Others play harder. Cover for him.

    Anyway. Subject closed as far as I'm concerned. Feeders are the minoroty. They took away the competitive edge for all the posses who play with integrity. And that's that
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    Tell you what, I'll prove topgunz United doesn't pull extra in durning an event prior to us hitting the goal. Come join us just for the next event. Your posse will be ok and you can go back but we are a hard working group and this will prove it. One event. What do you say? Put up or you know the rest.
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    Guys... there is a REAL easy way to prove you are using the same people during the event.
    Post scores of the entire Posse when you reach 3,5 Mill.
    When these scores are added up and dont come damn close to 3,5 mill then.....
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    fatman I'm the only one recruiting in forums so I'm not sure who you are talking about. And if someone did that it was by mistake. Someone came to recruit within my thread a month ago, by mistake. He apologized for it. If one of our guys did they I can assure you it was also a mistake, which happens.

    NewMex thanks for the offer. I'm done with this subject. We discussed within our posse and we are just gonna do our own thing. Set our own goals. I might take you up on that offer at some point. If you don't do the switching then hats off. I just don't know how you can explain that I saw names changing in your posse last event. Intensively at the end. A bunch were even sitting there with request pending waiting for someone to exit. So unless you aren't from the topgunz who was in second place then I don't get how you can deny it. It was clearly happening. Whether you did it to let lower players get cards or for their points I don't know. But even the card thing is weird. I played my way to where I am. No one gave me cards.

    Aksel I totally agree.

    Any posse who says they don't switch then put your money where your mouth is. I posted my scores. The #1 guy did 171k. He left cause he likes to try other posses. The other who left got busy with life. He made 40k before leaving. Add it up guys. It's there. We did a pure non-feeder 3.1mil.

    So as Aksel says you wanna prove you don't feed your team then post your scores. Otherwise just admit you use this loophole. It isn't cheating like I've did often. It's doable. When a game allows it it isn't cheating. But we all know that a 30 player game is 30. Plain and simple. And the real winner at the moment is 420 who has proven they don't use feeders. The screenshots are in this post.

    NewMex if you truly don't use feeders then post them scores and prove your point!! No post means we all know you're full of it ;)

    Otherwise let's just all move on. What can we do. There are a few posse who use feeders. Seems like a lot of work for a game. And doesn't seem like a fun way to play. At least most of us prefer to play a team game the was it should be played. It just sucks that we can't prove we would be number 1. Or at the very least be number 1 sometimes.

    Best to all in upcoming event. Peace out!
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    That is indeed one of our members fatman. Shady is a good guy. Not sure why he posted in the thread. However he was simply informing that if TG is full he could request with us. Most likely he wanted to pm the guy, same as that one guy did to my thread and ended up posting in the thread instead. Either way it shouldn't be done.

    And I totally agree with you. Let's take it in stride. I've said all I have to say about this. And more lol.

    As I said we will just focus on our own goals. It's just unfortunate we don't get to compete against other posses because of this. I won't be adding any more to this subject. I know one thing I speak for many other posses as well.

    I wish everyone a good event. Shoot like there is no tomorrow! :)
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    I score 150k-200k each event and I am not always the highest in my posse.
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    New mex I was waiting for your screenshots?? Like you said put up or you know the rest ;) Screenshots from this event won't count cause you could make sure and not use feeder. However you would then be behind 420 lol

    No screenshots?... I rest my case ;)

    Just poking some fun at you lol

    Enjoy the coming event everyone!
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    Whoa there 420 raiderz!!!!!!!

    U better check into TX Punishment b4 u start throwing accusations!

    Charlie & I had over 800k between the two of us alone! The only movement I had was 1 player who was out of the posse for the week came in for cards then left. U had better get ur facts straight!
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    Howdy doody #2 is fabulous idea
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    Hahaha! I thought this was a game for cowgirls and cowboys... Some need to get some thicker skin under your feet. One thing is to have goals that's not a ridicules 3.5 mill, but to blame other posses who actually gets the score!? now that's just sad...

    Earl and I went on a mad rampage this event with a awesome fun loving posse right behind us, We're the real cowgirls and cowboys! XD




    Honestly, so what if other posses use feeders? I seriously don't care, it's about our posse having fun for me, and we certainty do :D
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    All good guys. Let's have fun. Indeed if you prefer feeders so be it. Not much I can do. And if you don't use them hats off to you ;)

    I'm at peace with this subject now.

    Let's all put it behind us and free them little cows and horses ;)
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    Earl, Charlie hats off to you. Those are indeed epic scores! Kudos to you on that!
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    Thank you, Frag! : D
    All of us worked so hard for that score and did our absolute best and personal bests broken left and right! We would like our worthy 3rd place badge to continue to shine bright after the event is over as well. :) First place if we consider your standards (assuming that your math with Topgunz and Hang em is correct, I personally haven't checked).
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    Quick question... How does hang em 2,3&4 feed hang em & b on the leaderboard? I don't think that's possible...
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    Mr Frag!!! Topgunz unite ss... We rest our case!
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    Well dingo then I am glad to see you guys play legit. Now we have to catch you guys eventually. We worked our asses off as well. Broke personal bests left and right up and down.

    I also rest my case. We don't have high scorers like that yet as a few are still 3 trains. But we will get there ;)

    Shoot on Cowboys!! :)
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    To be honest we have beaten this subject to death enough. Do we all agree? It still doesn't explain why I see name changes and requests pending in posses during events... But that's another story. One we don't wanna get into lol
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    Since ur bein honest, so will I. It's been a lot of fun swapping places with 420raiderz. Ur one of the names I always watch to c which one of us will come out on top. That type of motivation makes for a fun competition don't u agree? We love good competition. U will hv the high scorers soon. Just keep at it.
    Regarding pending requests, I just feel so bad pushing that reject button
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    (Don't know where the rest of my text went). Reject is such an ugly word. :(.

    Look forward to seeing u on the leaderboard
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    Dingo how u put the pics on here?
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