Posse Cheating



  • ThormageddonThormageddon Member Posts: 7
    How can cheating occur when there aren't rules?
  • Giddy_upGiddy_up Member Posts: 9
    This is s big big mistake. Many players grouping together and using teamwork will give longevity to this game. Loners or small cliques will soon lose interest and move on to another app. Seen it happen too many times.
  • BigDaddyGunsBigDaddyGuns Member Posts: 1
    I suggest that we just increase the possee size. This help equalize a possee full of elite players that are bringing in points by the boatload. The lower level players will still have an opportunity to compete in a well organized possee to benefit and HAVE FUN! So instead of 30 players. Make the possee 50 or more. Then there's no possee jumping and there still communication in the ranks and everyone won't feel discouraged that unless they're a level 37 they need not bother with the game.
  • GiNGiN Member Posts: 4
    Agree on both Giddy and BigDaddy's points. This is truly a short-sighted decision based on a few people complaining that they are not doing as well as others.

    Now you will have folks join a posse only to find that they and maybe a few others are actually contributing while the rest sit idle. Now you can't boot them to any real effect or do anything to better yourself--you are now just stuck, and thus, you say to hell with the game and stop playing. As time goes on, this death spiral will only accelerate...and, of course, with fewer people playing means fewer in-game ads viewed and fewer purchases.

    Those of us that have been playing group games for many years have seen this scenario play out time and time again--it's sad to see the same actions being taken here that start the inevitable descent.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 29
    I think I can claim this as the most popular thread. It took CPW a month to resolve the problem. It appears a fair fix. You can join a posse mid event if you weren't in a posse to start. You can leave or be kicked then your done for that event. This might stop slackers in posses.
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    thanks for listening CPW, great news for everyone that thinks a posse is 30 people WHO works together, and help eachother grow. Stopping the cardraiders, the posse hopping and the spoonfeeding of feederteams. Yeeehaww
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    you guys have it wrong. It won't kill the game. There is just a few doing posse jumping/feeding. So it'll just affect the few at the top who practice that. So a few hundred players. The other 1000's won't be affected accept that the ones that don't do feeders will now be able to have fair chances to get to the top.

    Man up. Play with the players you got. Do like the rest of us. If someone doesn't produce then find the extra trains within the posse. And kick the guy. As simple as that.

    Anxious to see how things will be now hehe
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    edited March 2016
    Gin people build posses up one player at a time. Why would anyone end up with a bunch who don't contribute? We don't have that problem. We built this over time and did deal with players like that. We kicked. Got new ones. Some are still there. Others had to be booted as well over time. But we have built 420 raiderz one player at a time. We have always been in top 5. And without changing players.

    This is a good move from cpw. No doubt about it.

    We have always did good. We just can't compete with our 30 against 35/40 players. A fair chance to win is best for all in the long run! Better for the 1000's. Just not what a few hundred as at the top want. Majority wins!
  • GiNGiN Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2016
    I believe it's the exact opposite, Frag. Sure you can say that as you are in a top posse, but how many of those 'thousands' of players will ever get to be in it? If it's limited to 30, that means essentially none....most will not be putting up 100k/game to get in--they didn't before and they won't be moving forward either. Will you be letting in any that tell you that they can put up 4k per game? We all know the answer is that you would laugh and not even bother to respond. And what are the majority of folks putting up each event? 5k?

    Those 'thousands' will be in posses who will likely not do much--I know, I've been in several that are full at 30, yet only a few of us send in trains to any real effect.

    Sure, we booted those that didn't contribute after the event, only for those spots to fill back up with other non-contributors and the process continues. Those types of folks only will stick around for so long before they say to hell with it and move to another game all together...and once they're gone, they aren't coming back to the game.

    Those are the majority. The few groups you speak of that are happy with the change are literally the hundred or two people.

    This isn't difficult. Being able to move within events allows those that can only put up a limited amount to still benefit from the event--this keeps them coming back. By its very own definition, being able to move during an event serves the masses.

    Extremely short-sighted.
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    I agree with gin. I was in one of those feeder posses and I tell you what, it was a blast. Going back and forth, communicating with leaders in both posses made the game fun again on a whole new level. By leaving things the way they are now, I still have the option to do that or stay put in one place. If cpw changes the rules, I don't.

    This issue is only a problem for those that are playing the game the way they feel it should be played. Crafty players came up with a better way and it works. If a posse leader is willing to go through all the trouble of juggling multiple posses, setting up FB pages and managing 50+ players, let them. It's how they have fun with the game.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Time will tell I guess. We could go back and forth over this for days.

    The way I see it is that as people move around they find a posse they fit well in. They Stick around. Slowly build it up. Eventually they gather many good ones. There are quite a few posses working their way up. I saw some many last event that were never close but are now closer to the top then they were a few weeks back. When someone isn't happy in a posse at let's say spot 20 on the board they can look higher up for a new posse. Go find one that matches their input. If all top posses are filled then they can go down the board til they find one that has a spot. Eventually that will build better and better posses.

    I've never agreed with moving around during posses. Team events and team games are just that: A team effort. Not people moving all over the place. That isn't a team of 30 as it was meant to be.

    In conclusion do you few guys who like the posse hopping really think that cpw would have changed their rules with only a few complaints? I think they got many many many complaints. Your ways was discouraging people from even trying to get at the top. They couldn't compete nor did they wanna use that tactic so why even bother. This will give renewed energy to many posses. Plus like I said you encourage laziness in posses because you gave away reward cards.

    You can all still talk before the event and load up the posse with your best out of the 180 or whatever you have for feeders or other posses you are friends with and you can choose from that so you can still make sure you have all contributing players. So does it change anything for you guys except now you can't spoon feed your little babies in the lower posses? That's the only thing it changes. Oh and if someone passes you then you can't pump in 5-10 new guys to make sure you stay in your position. You'll have to do like teams really do: pull together as a team and make it happen.

    Your tactic leads to laziness within posses. Teams in all things in life deal with injuries. Absences. Lack of effort from some. And because of this sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose. It gives a chance to others to perform. And changes things around. Keeps it interesting.

    Do you really think that always the same ones on top will encourage the rest of those posses to stay in the game? No. Your view is very narrow minded. Very. If the game had stayed like it was that would have killed the game. Not this new change. This will help the game. Fair play always encourages participation. What was going on isn't fair play.

    As I said time will tell.
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    I'll agree with you on one point, time will tell. Once again, your viewpoint comes from the standpoint of how you think the game should be played and thus, how everyone else should play the game. If you've never been in multiple posses working together, it is anything but lazy. Low performers get weeded out, just like in a conventional posse. However, they get the opportunity to find a home in a feeder posse and develop there. Yes, they do get the same rewards, but it's from a standpoint of encouragement and getting better. And yes, it is in fair play. No one is talking about re-writing code here, we're just working within the framework of the game the way the developers laid it out.

    The more people you have working toward a common goal, the better it is for the game as a whole. I believe that pretty much defines teamwork. If 3-4 different posses are all feeding into one of the top spots, it just makes more room at the top for more people. How is that bad? Oh wait, let's kill that concept and force the monotony of doing the same thing every week, with the same people and live there. Yeah, that sounds like fun.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    No matter what you say my friend what I just wrote above makes a lot of sense and you can't argue with the logic I explained there. You can argue of course. But your argument will have no backing. What you are saying is from a point of view of a few who like hopping around.

    The masses wants this, not feeders and hopping. You say posse hopping serves the the mass? Really? So cpw changed things to please just a few? Lol. Come on now.

    You know we are both right in our point of view. And do we really know what people think? No we don't. We don't have the stats or emails to the dev team to prove anything.

    So let's do this. Anyone reading this vote with a short message:

    Yay for like new rules.

    Nay for don't like.

    And let's see where this goes. In actually gonna even start a new thread for voting and we will see the results.
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    Nay. The only reason this thread made it this far was because people who didn't jump felt they were getting cheated. What you can't acknowledge is that people found a different way to play the game and win, and you don't like it.

    The sad thing is that if the developers announced it, it's probably a done deal. Pitty, as it truly did make the game fun and not feel like grinding work. Oh well....I wonder what that new Supercell game is all about?
  • kinwai0214kinwai0214 Member Posts: 62
    Why CPW has to increase posse size when we can hit 3.5m by 30 members ? 5k player should always stay with 5k players, train yourself in your so call "feeder posse" and promote to main posse..well, this new rules won't affected Topgunz Unite :)
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Go go hashbrown. Don't let the saloon door hit you on the way out :p

    The only reason it became grinding is because some posses were way ahead due to feeders and hopping and that made the others feel far behind. This will create fairness for all plain and simple.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    edited March 2016
    By the way hashbrown it isn't how I think the game should be played. It's how cpw intended for the game to be played. This isn't about me. It's about how a game was developed to be played. And it shows by cpw finally changing that. If they had done it this way from the start do you think people would have quit or never played? We wouldn't know any different. So people will adjust.

    I've been with 420raiderz since day one. First posse i joined. I'm still there and never a dull moment. It doesn't get boring. We don't need posse hopping to enjoy the game.

    Who needs a feeder posse to develop? Develop within your posse. If you get stronger then the rest move on. Same thing as being in a feeder posse and then moving to the main. Except you have to search for a new posse. Is that so hard?

    It really comes back to the same. Choose your best 30. And play. The only thing you can't do is give away your reward cards to people who didn't earn it or let new guys in when you see you are losing your spot. Do you think cpw wants players to give reward cards and get strong fast? The game ends faster that way. Cpw wants long term so for sure they want people to play long and earn their cards, not get them for free.

    On top of that if not for using feeders in the first place cpw maybe wouldn't have bumped it to 3.5 mil. That was based on seeing a few posses doing that good. For me the top reward in an event went from 1 mil to 3.5 in no time and I think it's in part due to false scoring by a few posses who had found a way around the intended game play. I don't call it cheating. It was ok to do it. It could be done. So it isn't cheating. It's just not what most wanna do. Playing for a reward in an event and putting your effort towards that seems less grinding then managing these multiple posses and chat systems.

    Only one or two posses will have an issue with this new change. I'm curious to know which one you are in. But I can render an educated guess ;)

    I'll give you one thing. It's true that hopping and all that stuff is team work in a way. Just kinda not what they intended. It shows by their decision.

    First event this is fixed I have a very very good feeling topgunz will be in 1st. Go TG go! You'll have your day now ;)
  • JasperJasper Member Posts: 10
    Like I said in your voting post... Some are already looking for loopholes in the new rules... My prediction is that some of the feeder posses are going to be disbanded or drop significantly in number of members they have before the event starts. They are already questioning the developers to explain the new rules in detail on Facebook. That way they can have a few 5-10 people that aren't in a posse at the start of the event. Then if they start to lose their spot on the leaderboard, they can bring in the people they have ' on stand by' to put up points. Like I said they are already asking about the rules on Facebook to find ways around them... Time will tell and I know none of this will affect Topgunz Unite. I personally can't wait to see what happens and how some posses respond.
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    Jasper, if loopholes are found I suspect CPW will close them in short order. The intention of the change is clear, and the developers are likely smart enough to see their vision through to the desired outcome. Should be interesting. I agree that topgunz will prob take 1st once the changes hit. We'll be somewhere behind looking to move up!
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    I agree. I imagine some will find loopholes.

    Oh well. What can we do. I'll keep having fun in my posse and do the best I can.

    There is always a loophole isn't there lol

    Let's see if texfromsaigon is right about the dev team staying on top of it more this time.
  • ruinedgameruinedgame Member Posts: 7
    Glad the very few have got the game changed, ruining it for 100's of other players. Probably won't bother with the event now, there's no chance of any new players getting the bonus cards, thanks again.
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    you Will get the cards when you are strong enough, and deserve them, NOT because others Earned them and gave them to you!
  • ruinedgameruinedgame Member Posts: 7
    And how long will that now take? How many players don't want to spend months and month getting stronger and will simply leave the game. Don't you like the competition of new players getting stronger? You know you need other players to make this game, and this will 100% drive them away, as the events and posses are now a pointless exercise.
  • NekobasuNekobasu Staff Posts: 127
    It seems that this is an issue, which keeps on causing a lot of discussion among y'all players. We understand that to some of y'all this is a great, long-waited change and some of y'all might not agree. We're sure that y'all get used to these new restrictions of the posse event. Now it's time to start gathering up a strong posse of 30 players and reach the targets together with them!
  • ruinedgameruinedgame Member Posts: 7
    Taking the fun out of the game for new players, seems an odd choice. I would have thought you'd want more players to play, not drive them away. Very strange.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Ruinedgame we always played the way the dev team meant it to be and we never found it boring. Ever. No one ever gave us reward cards. We played for them. Earned them. That's the whole point of the game.

    Nothing is ruined here. A few dozen will MAYBE leave cause now they have to actually earn their cards. Boo hoo hoo. Sure it takes months. It's the whole point of the game. Do you want a game to be over in a few weeks?

    We got many posses that have a chance to win or at least be in the top now. This is the best move cpw made. It's just too bad it wasn't from the beginning.

    It isn't a few who ruined the game. How many complaints do you think they got before deciding to change the game? Do you honestly think a few complaints made them change the game?

    Now the only thing they need to do is if anyone is kicked or leaves their points go with them because obviously the posses that uses or used feeders will now keep a team of 5-10 on standby and once some guys reach their max they will let them in so really the problem isn't even solved. Unless it's hard to find players who wanna be on standby a whole event maybe...

    People will adjust. We don't have to adjust. We always played it as it was meant to be played. Nothing changes for us except having a better chance of maybe winning 1st place. And then again maybe not lol

    Let's just have fun people.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Team work!! Go go

    Now I'm gonna leave this subject alone. I don't wanna stir up any more reactions then necessary.

    Have fun everyone!
  • Giddy_upGiddy_up Member Posts: 9
    I get it, anyone who doesnt agree with Frag gets shouted down cos Frag knows best...
    Well i disagree. Seen it kill off better games than this one. Lower players need encouragement and the chance to chase at the top. It encourages them to spend and stay in the game. That way the game has cash flow and longevity...

    Anyway time will tell and we'll see soon that unless you spend mega bucks you cant compete, which will lead to players getting disheartened and leave.

    Oh well was fun while it lasted.

    And to the vocal minority's on here who want the staus quo so they can have cyber bragging rights, you're welcome !
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Lol come on giddy up I'm just speaking my opinion. We are all entitled to it. It's not i know best. I just didn't agree with the tactic that's all. I am totally entitled to debate how I see things. Where did you get that I was shouting down to anyone who didn't agree? Stop being so sensitive ;) I also speak to many people from the game. Not many supported the tactic. They just don't post in the forums.

    I was a lower player once. I encouraged myself to the top. I didn't need anyone's help.

    They should have had posses locked from the beginning.

    And I'll say it again. It isn't 2-3 complaints that brought the change. It had to be many.

    For all players who always stayed within their posse in an event the game play will stay the same.

    Regardless of this new change we all know eventually we get tired of games and move on. I've played a dozen games in the last two years. Some last long. Some don't.

    Time will tell what will happen now.
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