ISSUE: Troop Control Response

BluerabieBluerabie Member Posts: 15
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I think everyone's biggest issue with CPW is Troop Control. I spend more battle flags to get troops NOT to do things rather than to do things.
The issue is that all troops run off toward the nearest target of opportunity. Constantly. It's nice to have the troops self-directed to some degree, but the combats are like wrangling cats. The troops literally bonzai suicide every chance they get.
SUGGESTED SOLUTION (just a possible idea): I am guessing the A.I. has the capability to identify potential targets, and to evoke a response in the attackers. Is the engine granular enough to mark a potential target as "Responded To" after a single troop runs off after it? Or perhaps 3 or 4 troops?
Other possible solutions might include decreasing the response detection range (distance)' or perhaps differentiating between hard targets such as buildings and soft targets such as troops.... Responsivity could be prioritized. If a troop is actively engaged in melee combat, set in not to respond to passing targets. That last idea is probably the best solution: simply stop troops from responding to targets of opportunity if they are firing. That works, I think.
Anyway, let the forums bat some ideas around for a bit. I think you will alleviate the game's primary frustration by fixing this.
Thanks for your consideration...
-bluerabie a.k.a Fig Marsupial


  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    In PVP I find the wranglers to be completely out of control - the rest of the units are a little easier to predict (except the Shaman of course! :neutral: )
    The wranglers just run right past opposing troops, both in defense and in offense.
    I wait to use them until I take a camp near the CH and them spam a ton of them.
    In Cattle battle they are a lot easier to use though.
  • NinnydNinnyd Member Posts: 50
    This is gotten really bad, it needs to be addressed.
  • BluerabieBluerabie Member Posts: 15
    Agreed. the combats are nearly unplayable. You guys need to revert the changes at least. This is horrible!
  • JimmieRainwoodJimmieRainwood Member Posts: 22
    I refer to it as 'catching butterflies'. Seems most of the time the troops don't even pay attention to rally flags. 'Upgrades and improvements' should not translate to - attacking troops are now dumber than ever...
    "Trust, but verify"
  • mfjokermfjoker Member Posts: 14
    It also seems to get worse, the higher the level of the pens, I dont know if that is just because there are more enemy troups or what. You are needing to lay down 3-4 flags just to get your troups to hit your intended target.
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