**Grill Masters** 1 open spot 20k min

Great posse... Been together since the beginning... On our way to 1.5m (at least). Come join!


  • Blauvogel66Blauvogel66 Member Posts: 8
    Hi grill masters,
    I am interested! Do you have still a slot open for me? blauvogel66
  • kyle2124kyle2124 Member Posts: 2
    Hey this is kyle2124 here, if you still have a spot open I am Interested. I have no problem making the min. I am Currently level 39. I am in a posse at the moment but looking for a more active one where all members participate.
  • BeastmasterBeastmaster Member Posts: 30
    I tried joining this posse for some fun and they let me in. I chatted and everybody seemed friendly enough but when I came back to the game the next day I was kicked that seemed pretty dastardly to me. Don't know why maybe it was an acidient who knows
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