Movie wagon has disappeared

GuybrushGuybrush Member Posts: 27
That movie wagon that shows up on a regular schedule hasn’t shown up since early yesterday. This a new bug? Or have they simply run out of new ads to play? Havn’t seen this reported yet, so maybe it’s just me this is happening to.


  • badartmanbadartman Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    Why can’t i get the extra draw booster?
  • GoRedKnightGoRedKnight Member Posts: 2
    My wagon loads the adverts starts to play then say error and you can not Collect the cards. All have lost all my extra cards that I've bought by saving up diamonds and gold.
  • Cmvh142Cmvh142 Member Posts: 1
    My movie wagon has disappeared as well. Happened a few days ago.
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