Ad Wagon missing

MartyCMartyC Member Posts: 4
Hi, today have found that the Ad wagon has stopped coming to my town.
The goods and gold arrive as normal, just the Ad wagon is missing

Anyone else have this issue?


  • MartyCMartyC Member Posts: 4
    Traveling Show = Ad Wagon, in case I've caused confusion...thanks
  • NekobasuNekobasu Community Manager, Staff Posts: 127
    @MartyC How long has the ad wagon been missing from yer town? Sometimes there might not be ads to show on a certain area which may cause the ad wagon missing for a while. This shouldn't though last long.
  • MartyCMartyC Member Posts: 4
    Hi Nekobasu
    The ad wagon has been missing since Monday morning GMT, was when I noticed it had not arrived. My wife plays and her ad wagon has not gone missing at all
  • MartyCMartyC Member Posts: 4
    Ad wagon is still missing. Any ideas as too why?
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