I would Just like to shout a Welcome New year and to New members - Jalamity Cane And WillBillHicup.

We are still an active posse - currently with 8 Members - so there is room for a few more.
We do ask that each player contributes at least 10,000 Point in each event.

Best Wishes

Drummer aka Recruitment officer
Posse - Old WildBlack


  • Violet7amethystViolet7amethyst Member Posts: 54
    Adding to the posse ae -ash and Abrar. It's the more the merrier
  • TaipanfanTaipanfan Member Posts: 3
    This is a good posse folks. Come join in the fun.
    To the management at the posse x I’m locked out of the game at the moment. Have sent a message to the developers and am waiting for their help.
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