Tree planting

I regret having to chop down all those mighty fine trees for my buildings. Could you make it so you can plant new ones. I'm sure my attackers would appreciate attacking under the shade of an avenue of sycamore trees.
Further thoughts
1. Removal as per costs of normal
2. Planted between buildings stops 49er splash damage
3. Can be blown up in battle.
4. Limits in number, whatever.
5. Also would like to blow up tree and pumpkin till next holiday.

Have fun with it. ...maybe a town well has potential too...?


  • JuniorJunior Member Posts: 6
    Sounds good but don't let them be destroyed
  • Lucky_Charles168Lucky_Charles168 Member Posts: 43
    I agree with desperate ... uhm ... @Desperado_Dan ;-)
    I really regret chopping down my trees, they slow troops down when they try to steel my sadles.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Yes please.
    I really admire the folks that have managed to build up their towns while retaining the stately firs and majestic oaks. Other 'decorative only' features would also be desirable. I'd also love to clear that derelict wagon from my front stoop, worth a few diamonds.
  • BluerabieBluerabie Member Posts: 15
    Great places to hide booby traps, too....
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 29
    Or same cost as cutting and blowing , allow moving but you don't get the resource.
  • NinnydNinnyd Member Posts: 50
    Yep, let's be green again and let us plant trees,
  • Desperado_DanDesperado_Dan Member Posts: 20
    You are all mighty decent folks. If you're in the need for a more active posse come join us at Six Shooter. We'd be happy to have you.
  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    edited March 2016
    Never mind....
  • NinnydNinnyd Member Posts: 50
    Let a tree be free, give a random spot on everyone's map a tree once a month !
    Free the trees, free the trees,
  • GeneralDDayGeneralDDay Member Posts: 18
    I think cactuses would work better than trees. Remember guys, we're in a desert, it's a wild west.
  • xCF97xxCF97x Member Posts: 25
    Ever been in the high desert? There are trees with the cacti.
  • TamerTamer Member Posts: 14
    Yes to all but not blowing them up.
  • Desperado_DanDesperado_Dan Member Posts: 20
    In australia the desert has trees but cacti aren't strong enough to cope with the sporadic desert rainfall. And yay Ninnyd!
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