Nothing is appearing on my map to battle

CPW for 2 months now I hv complained that orvilles are not appearing on my map. U responded this is normal. Other ppl say they can't keep up with them! I can't get resources. I can't improve star count. This IS NOT NORMAL! I need some help on this matter. I really enjoy this game and play daily! I had to battle some this last round with diamonds. I know this makes u happy but I can't afford to do that always. I hv to b able to get steel for battling & merging cards. Please fix this!


  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    I stopped fighting Drillers several months ago.
    They dont pay out much and they do *NOT* improve your star count - You loose one when they appear and gain it back when you destroy them.

    With every cattle mission being worth 462k gold and 154k goods thats more than I need.
    The steel I get from PvP - 5,7k each battle.

    But of course they should spawn if you have destroyed them all - that is clearly a bug.
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