Posse Jumping

CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
I am part of an active posse, it seems we have players who join then leave within 5 minutes after we have finished or during an event. Does anyone know if they can collect our cards then split?


  • TraceyTracey Member Posts: 25
    edited February 2016
    Yeah, they don't have to send trains to collect the packs. My advice is to accept people after the event so they can't get the cards. If you're already part of the posse after the event started, then you will have to send a train to collect whatever reward the rest of the posse have achieved. If you JOIN after the event started, you don't have to send a train to collect the rewards.
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    All posses should only let new members in between events, the only way to get rid of these leeches
  • KerilynKerilyn Member Posts: 34
    Lol! Remember when this drama was happening!?
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