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Partners, yet again it was yer time to vote for the next Legendary unit! Once more the Shaman lost the race and this time y'all voted for the Legendary Ranger! The firepower of the Legendary Ranger doesn't give any mercy to the enemy troops on foot. Merge lower level Rangers to get even more Legendaries. This is something y'all don't wanna miss out on!

The Legendary Ranger's statistics are:
Damage per second - 610
Health - 450
Recovery time - 33 min

Merge costs:
Gold - 1,000,000
Goods - 1,000,000
Steel - 175,000

NEW - Extra Saloon level

Upgrade your Saloon to get the Legendary Ranger.

NEW - Frank Fort and Caleb Carpenter - Two of the town cards got new names!

James Spencer is now called Frank Fort.
Jakob Ammann is now called Caleb Carpenter.

NEW - Chris Cowbell has been rebalanced; Now requires only 3 cards to merge!

Also, the cooldown time reductions have been changed.

New raid site cooldown timer reductions:
Regular - 4 min
Rugged - 15 min
Veteran - 1 hour
Notorious - 4 hours

NEW - Invite yer friends to join the Wild West fun - Facebook friend invite is here!

NEW- Color changes for some of the units

Discuss the update here: http://forums.nextgames.com/compasspoint/discussion/3682/
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