~TX Punishment~ R U an elite player who can easily hit 120K? Tired of carrying the posse? Read here!

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Welcome to the TX Punishment recruitment thread! :smiley:

First let me tell you a little about us:

- We are a "mature" posse who loves the game an likes to have fun an be social with each other.
- We keep current about game changes, so if something new happens in the game, we make sure everyone knows about it.
- We teach away our tricks of the game to make you a better player as it only benefits us all
- We're called TXP but we have members from USA, Europe an Australia as of now.
- Points are important to us an always strive to get more points, but having a great time doing it is an priority.

What we want from you:

- You must be able to get min 80 000 points ( if the current score per train is ~1900 points).
- You should get Kakao chat app or use facebook to communicate with us beside the game, this is only to your benefit so that you have a easy way back into the posse if you should get lost for whatever reason.
- (a secret rule is that you need to be a foodie... Ok maybe not but we're a bunch of foodies and love to share food pics lol)

What you should also know:

We have a sister posse called TXPunishment2 (soon to be made), this is where you may start in, depends a little on if we know you from before or experience in the game, an other circumstances. If you start out there doesn't mean you're cut off from the main group. We all gather up in the free Kakao chat app for everyone to join so that we all get to know one another and make sure we don't get disconnected from each other. it's through here we mostly talk about switching member between TXPunishment, TXPunishment2 and Tx Punishers, huge benefit for you to get.
We have a third posse for our vacationing an retired posse members called TXPunishers

How to get in contact:

- I'm keeping an eye here in the forums, feel free to post here or send me a private msg :smiley:
- Earl our posse leader you can get a hold of on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shari.shephardsweetman
- You can jump right to it and get the Kakao chat app ( unless you already have it) and send Earl a msg, her username there is 1Earl
- Lastly you can send Earl a msg on Line, her ID there is 1earl

As you can probably tell we're all about teamwork and listening to each other. We focus on making members for "life" and not for an event or two.
Shout out any question you may have and I will do my best to answer it, or just skip a step and seek us out. :blush:


  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    I'm back this week to announce we have started our 2nd posse! TXPunishment2!


    TXPunishment is growing strong and gathered allot of strong players but we still want to reach higher!
    We have started a 2nd for ambitious players who wants to join our main posse for those challenging events.

    Higher lv players needs to start out in TXPunishment2 show us for a event if you can collect enough points to join the main posse, after that you get a ticket into the action. :wink:
    You are free to join us even if you're at a lower lv, our purpose is to help lower level players get stronger and know the game inside out and hopefully one day they can join in on the main posse.

  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    TX Punishment is an awesome group! Everyone loves to talk & laugh while runnin trains.

    We use alternate chat to shoot the breeze & to help each other with difficult corrals & other issues n the game.

    U should give us a shot. Try it, u might like it!
  • TXNightriderTXNightrider Member Posts: 1
    TXPunishment2. What a great way to show high point players in TX Punishment who you are, and what you can do! You will not be sorry joining this great and passionate family! The best in Compass Point West!!!
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    Thanks so much TXNightider! I hope you're enjoying our happy family :smiley:
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    We need 2 members in he main posse who can get at least 60K :smiley:
    Go apply to TXPunishment in game now in the game, first come first sserve!
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    TXpunishment2 is up and running with 11 members so far, no requirements!
    We have currently highly experienced members there to share knowledge and cards :smile:

    The main posse needs 3 strong members to ensure that we get that top price secured each event!

  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    Some may go "Wha?? TXP wasn't 3rd this event!" yes we were not, we had a breather from the competing when there was so many glitches in the game, and yes, getting 2 mill is us relaxing ;D
    BUT THIS TIME we're getting third again! :smiley:

    We have a opening for a min 100K player in our main posse, we're going all out this event and need a good player! Join in before the event starts! We do not accept anyone once the events starts due to new pose rules coming in!

    TXP2 is still growing larger, we have a 15K min.
    Benefits of joining TXP2 is that when you have become a strong member you can join the main posse and get the big prizes, and get all the info you need to grow right now! Lots of experienced ppl who are happy to help in TXP :wink:

  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    We got our main posse filled up with strong players and ready to get the top price ( assuming it's still 3.5 mill).

    But TXPunishment2 still have space for those who one day wants to join TX Punishment when they're strong enough :smiley:
    And TX Punishment will help you get there! :wink:
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    TXP Charlie. Not so fast with your claim to 3rd. 420raiderz is on your ass my friend ;) Or you will be on our ass I should say ah ha. Watch out for horse hoofs ;)

    Let the friendly competition begin! Well let it begin in 13 hours lol

    It'll be fun to see how things go this event. I'll feel better about shooting hard knowing we are all on the same playing field!

    Sorry for posting in your thread. Just having fun with ya's all :) Hope I don't offend by coming to tug your manes ;)
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    Tugging my mane is foreplay to me so I hope you can finish what you started and handle the ride :wink:

    I would never mind a visit from someone friendly, Frag! you're very welcomed here! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
    ( Just call me Charlie ;D )
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Glad to see you got a sense of humor Charlie ;)

    Bring a dust mask for the event. You'll need it :p

    Kidding. You guys have beat us regularly. We aren't full power yet. Some guys still need to go up levels. But it'll be interesting to see how this event unfolds hehe
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    Oh I wasn't joking :tongue: I'll be waiting for the tug, don't leave me hanging lolol!

    You guys always put up a fight, you're going to bring us trouble :wink:
    I can't wait either, I don't think there will be major changes as the top possess are good, but there may be changes in the long run however... :smiley:
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    the tugging starts soon ;)

    In the long run it might create changes yes. It should. It will :p

    I expect TGz to maybe take over 1st since heh can't get into this super swapping later on in the event. I know they get to 3.5 with 30. They swap afterwards to stay ahead. This is what I wanna see hehe.

    I know we are not yet contenders for 1st but we are getting there!! First we gotta keep 3rd lol
  • ConchoConcho Member Posts: 8
    I am a level 14 looking for a starter posse.
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    edited March 2016
    Hi Concho! Feel free to sign up on TXPunishment2 in game, you don't need to be approved :smiley:

    Giddiup Frag, I'm feeling lonely up on the leaderboard ;D
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Lol. Working on it Charlie. The event starts at 5am here. Plus I work all day. Trains mostly only at night.
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    More reason for me to tease you while I can :tongue:
    I know you guys like us needs a day to get into our groove ;D
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    We have many times zones so it's sporadic. Plus you gotta always give a false pretense :wink:
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    YES WE DID IT AGAIN! :blush: Come join one of the most fun loving top posses around!

    For you heavy hitters (100k and up), TX Punishment is still full, but get in contact and we can see what we can do :wink:

    However with TXPunishment2, we still have some spots open and it's starting to fill up! We have a 15k min that we're not that strict with yet lol but as the possse fills up we will!
    TXPunishment2 is open for all so just jump on in! :smiley:
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    TX Punishment plans to hit new heights next event! If you're a fun loving gamer who can get past those tricky levels to really pour in the points, and you're just tired of trying and trying to motivate your posse to do more to reach higher on the leader board or perhaps you're getting ignored left and right spite being a high roller...
    Then TX Punishment may be something for you.

    TX Punishment hassle free manage to reach the 3.5 mill marker each event now and thoroughly claimed the 3rd place, everyone does their part and we're looking to climb the leader board to the top. But we could use one or two more players to tag in to relieve some ace players when life gets too busy or they just need a breather.

    You don't need or you shouldn't leave your posse right now, contact Earl first (contact info found in the first post) and talk it out with her about a transition into one of the best fun loving posse in CPW if you want to test the waters first :blush:

    We only seek the best a this point, and no need to go in the starter posse if you have a screenshot of your last score and/or if you got a positive reputation! :wink:

    TXPunishment2 is now pretty much full, we have one or 2 spots left maybe and now requiring at least min of 15K per player, :smile:
    We have a good handful of experienced players who are happy to help you grow there right now if you're interested to learn how to grow in this game and become a top player. :smile:
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