Proffy's CPW Guide: Mid-2020 Edition


Hi, guys! Hope y'all are doing well in the midst of the pandemic.

I've been playing the game for two months before my device became incompatible after the very recent update (June 17). I'm biding my time until I am able to download the game again. Many folks are playing the game, as I can see in Posse Events and many attacks against my base.

I'm going to provide my in-game info just to build my credibility.

IGN: TheRealProffy
Level: 29
Courthouse: 14
Defenses Won: 63+
Defenses Lost: 49+ (including losing to exploiters

I'm the type of guy that maxes out before moving to the next level.

Not naming my Posse, since by the time I go back to the game I would've been kicked out, but it's fair and I'm fine by it. I'll provide tips on surviving the game (more directed to newer players). Note that some of these may be repeated in other discussions and guides to playing the game. Hope this helps.

(1) Do not merge cards too much!

Yes, merging your only Rugged Gunslingers to get a Veteran version is exciting and makes you feel empowered. It's all fun until you realize you only have one Gunslinger.

Get a sufficient number of cards until you can merge and still have enough to decimate an enemy base. This is greatly elaborated in Devilman's Card Guide. For new players, getting at least 8 of a same card is enough for the merge and for attacking, since you have 5 cards left over. Once you get enough of the leveled up versions, you can merge the cards in the lower tier and not worry too much on having too few troops.

(2) Offense over defense.

Upgrade your Saloon first every time you level up the Courthouse. Have Caleb Carpenter to finish the job of upgrading that building immediately, so you get the good stuff right after. Try to also upgrade your Fort early, as it provides more offensive advantages with the Battle Points and the Rally Flag. Camps can be prioritized, too, as they can provide an additional space for every upgrade. Upgrade Medicine Wagon for quicker heals.

When given an opportunity, always build a camp first. IIRC they can give 13 more spaces at Level 1.

(3) Splash over single.

When you reach a certain level, try to upgrade Sallies and Pinkerton Agents first, the latter especially, since they can attack many troops in a single round. Deputies may be easy to upgrade, but upgrading Sheriffs will net much more DPS for defense. Upgrade Booby Traps; they are relatively quicker to upgrade and they can clear up an infantry of weaker troops, like Gunslingers and Forty-Niners, when placed strategically.

(4) Defense Synergies

Pinkerton Agents pair well with Quicksand Pits. The latter slows troops down while the former goes on to shoot troops down; this works as an effective counter against clumped-up troops, especially Tin Men and Wranglers. The Pinkerton Agents also synergize well with Camp, specifically the troops. While the attacking troops are targetting the defending ones, the Pinkerton Agents will be able to shoot them since attacking troops tend to clump up in one space while attacking the defending troops.

Sheriffs and Sallies are two of your most important defenses; both of them are weaker in terms of health than the other two tower defenses. Be sure to protect them with Deputies and the Agents, and try to get them near the core of the base (or the core of the defense). 

In my base, I placed all my Camps near the Courthouse to maximize their effectiveness. If the attacker has enough troops to destroy my core defenses and the Camps, they can win; they can place my troops in the camp and Rally Flag to their safety, but not before losing many troops.

Booby Traps are best used with single-targeting defenses. These bombs, by themselves, can pose a threat to attackers when placed strategically.

(5) Defense Recommendations

When upgraded enough, your resource production buildings act as a buffer (having high health). Use them as walls for your defense for your tower defenses!

Separate the tower defenses by one tile, to make sure that they don't get affected by the triple damage bonus the Forty-Niners do to them.

When you don't have space to separate buildings by one tile, make sure that the attacking troops will attack a weak building first that is attached to a strong building. You don't want Forty-Niners dealing damage to a building while splashing to another building. You're giving your opponent more time to finish your base. (i.e. Medicine Wagon, Saloon, and Pony Express; attach the Medicine Wagon to Saloon in such a way that your opponent's troops will attack the Wagon first before the Saloon.

In early Courthouse levels, place your Courthouse in a corner. Force your opponent to deal with all tower defenses and camps before they ever take your Courthouse down. This is what I call damage concentration.

If you can force your opponent to take a path that will give them advantage (e.g. leaving buildings outside any tower defense range), you can place Booby Traps along the way. By doing this, you'll be forcing your attackers to use high-health troops like Wranglers and Tin Men (even Shaman, hehe) or even a full army, forcing them to risk lower health troops like Forty-Niners and Gunslingers in the process.

Watch your replays. See how players attack. You can later know how they behave and you can design your base so that it can counter most of the approaches your opponents can think of.

(6) Offense Recommendations

For newbies, prioritize getting offense cards like Gunslingers, Tin Men, Forty-Niners, and Rangers. Mercs, at lower tiers, don't do so good on its own unless you're rushing an undefended Courthouse. Bigfoot is good... at taking your space. Though admittedly, I feel that Mercs and Bigfoots do really well at higher levels. Shaman? Nah, just choose something else; it's kinda a trash card at lower levels. Wranglers? They can do well on their own, but not at lower levels. You just have too few Battle Points to use them well at lower levels.

For lower levels, stick to the classic trifecta: Gunslingers, Tin Men, and Forty-Niners. The configuration is so great to use in single-player maps. They're the essentials, definitely.

I think Merc-Wrangler is also effective at rushing undefended Courthouses. Get them to higher levels and you can see the synergy well.

In my experience, Shaman-Ranger is very effective at Gold Rush events. Just use your Rally Flags well and you'll have the rewards in no time. Cattle Battle takes many of your troops as you progress when you're at lower levels. Forty-Niners will be very effective here, though you have to protect it with Tin Men and Gunslingers, mainly.

(7) Boosters

Get the boosters where you get an extra card to choose from (700 diamonds) and an extra draw (400 diamonds). As for Perma Silver Pack, it's up to you, though in my opinion buying 30 Gold Packs yields better rewards in general. What I don't know is if the 3000-diamond booster will also affect the Train Pack you get from Posse Events.

(8) Get yourself at a decent level so you can join good and active Posses.

Joining these events will really help you in progressing through the game. Participate well, and you may get really good rewards.


I really suggest to look out for the other discussions in the forum. They're really good at elaborating stuff in progressing. Anyways, that's it. Again, I hope you found these helpful.
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