420raiderz has one opening

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We have been number 4 for many events now. To remain competitive we sometimes have to kick low ballers out. And that's what we did this event. A few had to go.

We have two openings for players capable of 80k+. Preferably lv37 above with 4 trains but we have a couple of 3 trains capable of 90-100k. If you can achieve that then now is your chance to get into a posse in the top 5. With your help we will reach that 3.5 mil ;)

We are a fun posse who enjoys the game but we are also competitive. We need the same in all our players. You wanna be part of a top posse? Now is your chance.

If you fit the bill PM me here before requesting in the game. Thanks


  • ThormageddonThormageddon Member Posts: 7
    Hey. I'd love to join.
  • dallies724dallies724 Member Posts: 13
    Frag, I don't know why but I can't get back into the posse. Hope you didn't give me the boot! Lol. Hairyotter.
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    No no hairotter. Hang in there. Everyone is having the problem. No one got booted. Why would we. You're in the 100k club ;)
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    Thor what's your level? Average score?
  • DirtyDan24DirtyDan24 Member Posts: 12
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    Hey Frag
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    Hey dirtydan. What's up cowboy? You looking for a good home? ;)

    Come one people. Must be a few good Cowboys out there that wanna try out a top posse.

    We haven't kicked anyone from the posse yet because we don't wanna end up without 30 in the next event. But we got 2-3 guys who only make 50k. It just isn't enough. Anyone can do 50k. Anyone wanna come free some cows with a top posse? Can you do 80k minimum? Message me here. Or check the game. We might just free up a spot today so people can see an empty spot and request from within the game.
  • DirtyDan24DirtyDan24 Member Posts: 12
    Are you on kakao talk? Look me up.

    Dirty Dan
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    No kakapo Dan sorry.

    PM me here. Click on my name. It'll bring you to my profile. Top right there is an envelope icon. Click that.

    I use fb once and a while. The chat on the game. That's it. Don't get into these chat apps much. The game takes enough of my time already lol
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    Oops kakao
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    We have one open space as of today!
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    Are you guys gonna tell me there isn't any players who wanna join a top posse?

    Or did HeH recruit them all lol :p

    We are a great posse. We built up the posse from the ground up. We have held 4th position for many events now. All done in a fair and sportsmanship way. We work with the posse we have. We don't have extra players.

    As time goes by some people get busy with life or can't keep up with the scores as we work our way to the top. We then need to make room for higher scorers. So we have one spot open at the moment.

    We all share knowledge within the posse. We help each other. We work our way up. We prefer lv37 however as previously mentioned we have 3 who are lower then 37. They do decent scores and we support them while they get to their 4th train. If you think you got what it takes message me here so we can discuss statistics. We rarely accept anyone from within the game now cause too many people just join for the cards and then leave. We don't want card raiderz. We can't paddock raiderz ;)
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    New blood is rare it seems lol
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    Someone couldn't handle the pressure of being in 3rd place it seems and abruptly left lol.

    Looking for a member capable of 80k+. Obviously we don't expect you to do 80k this event but we have room for a member who plans on remaining active in future events.

    Come join us. It's fun being at the top. Well almost the top. With a few more good Cowboys we will be contenders for top spot!!
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    A player had to move on.

    Come join us if you want to be in the top of the scoreboard and can handle 80K+
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    420Raiderz really very good posse ... Active players plus fun chat .. When you join u will feel this is like ur home :D great posse hope i will be back soon to Raidz with you frag..

    For other players who can make 100k plus dont miss try to playing with 420Raiderz you will be so happy if you join :D
    No one she can take....
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    I hope you are back soon as well aziz :)
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    Hope so still im trying to back so fast lol ...

    Hope there is stronger players wanna hit 3.5m coming to our posse soon .. We r so close

    Hey guys 100k player come on try our posse then decide to be with is or not ;) you will gonna be happy if you tryout one event with us :D
    No one she can take....
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    Where are the 100k players? Come on now there are a few of you guys hiding out there :wink:
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    And ladies of course!
  • kinwai0214kinwai0214 Member Posts: 62
    100k player here
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    Ah ha funny kinway. You're in true grit. And the leader of I recall right. Nice try ;)

    We will have one possibly two spaces after this event. PM me. Come have fun reaching for the top!
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    Topgunz leader I meant. Sorry

    Nice try to give me hope lol.

    We will find two good ones before next event. We got some guys who just got busy with life and don't have time anymore.

    So come join 420 on our way to the top!! :)
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