Closing down the game

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Today we are rolling out the last update to the game. And in six months time the game will be shut down completely. 

We managed to do most of the changes to the game that we had planned in the time window that we had. Some changes made the game less interesting to our current players but overall we feel that the game took a big leap into the direction of a more modern free to play title. 

Unfortunately at the end of the day we are not able to grow the player base profitably and had to make the hard decision to close the game down. After this decision we do not feel comfortable to keep the game going because there will not be any customer support or bug fixes or updates. 

Thank you for playing the game and taking this journey with us. We hope you will be able to find other games that you enjoy playing, maybe even some of our games. 

Stay safe and keep playing,

Team West

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