Compass Point: West available on Android!

NekobasuNekobasu Community Manager, Staff Posts: 127
It's finally here!

Compass Point: West has been released on Android. Download the game for free:

Holler it loud folks, because this means that not only will all yer friends who use Android are able to join y’all out West, the battles y’all fight out on the frontier will become even more whip crackin’ with a whole bunch more cowboys and cowgirls in the mix!

Android users will get to savour the Wild West that y’all know and love, a world of reckless yet skilled gunslingers, booby traps, heat ‘n’ dust, and villainous thugs. A place where y’all brave the elements, and not least a few bullets, to claim what’s right and good for yer townsfolk. The fights are hard and fast but with a wild bunch of sidekicks behind y’all, life is darn fiiine.

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