Three Barns

I am having a heck of a time battling 3 barns, I head to the right with 4 tin, 4 gattlings, 4 rifles, 4 dynamites and 8 gunslingers. All high numbers. Can't beat it. Use my flags, suggestions?


  • xCF97xxCF97x Member Posts: 25
    I use four wranglers, 6-7 mercs, and two niners to start. I go to the right and usually and more niners at the camp. I use flags to clear to the upper right corner then attack the well.
  • clintclint Member Posts: 24
    4 Merc; 4 Wrang; 6 Tin and 6 49er will do it. add as u gains points from blowing stuff up
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 29
    I'm pretty sure I used togodown the right , with wranglers & mercs
  • ducksoup9ducksoup9 Member Posts: 10
    @Cosmo If you're still having trouble, here's how I tackle Three Barns (in detail):

    I go to the right and, before sending any troops, I place a flag directly BETWEEN the two groups of Tin Men near that first camp to the right. I then quickly send 6 49ers, 6 Wranglers, 4 Mercs & 2 Rangers up to that flag (they head directly up first, and then veer to the right) - the quicker I send the troops, the less likely that roaming enemy Merc has time to disrupt things.

    As soon as I send my initial troops, I touch the flag icon again to prepare to place it down near the lower right corner of the map (along the fence of the big garden); and as soon as those enemy Tin Men start to move towards my troops, I place that next flag in the lower right corner.

    If I'm lucky, all 5 Tin Men will follow my troops (where I can pick them off one by one away from Sally's range). I can always get 3 of the Tin Men to follow, sometimes 4.

    After taking out the Tin Men, my troops usually head straight towards the camp, where they'll either take out the remaining Tin Man/Men (if they didn't follow on my initial charge) or just lay into the 49ers doing laps around the camp, the Ranger, and the camp itself.

    I'll then put a flag on Sally and then use the same "draw the Tin Men away from the towers" technique with a flag placed below where the camp used to be on the right (out of range from the Sheriff).

    My troops will then head north again, where I'll place a flag on Pinky, immediately after my troops take out the Ranger between the Pinky and the Sheriff.

    Finally, one final flag to the RIGHT of the top right barn, to wipe out any additional enemies before my troops lay into the oil tower. Don't put the flag on the barn because your troops will ignore enemies and go for the barn instead - and that will inevitably lead to a casualty or two.

    As I take down towers, I'm filling in with Wranglers and/or 49ers from the camp.

    Hope this helps...good luck!
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