B) We are hitting 300,000 points with only 12-14 active members!! We love to have fun and kick Driller ASS!!! We are a friendly encouraging posse looking to get to the next level and we need YOU to reach the goal. We expect our team to play the battles and have fun doing it! Please don't be a sponge and take the rewards of your team mates--whether you join our posse or not, you need to earn the rewards!! Work hard and you succeed and are rewarded, be a lazy cheat and you'll never truly amount to anything; that goes for life as well as this game! If you feel the same please join us, I guarantee you'll have a good time and be rewarded for your work! Thanks!! The Royal Flush can't be beat! Check us out, I'm Lightnin; we have Irishon, Diego, Patrick, Roy, Batman6, Jayc, Moose, Eastwood, Rob, Tony and WE WANT YOU!!!
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