Next Games...Are you paying attention!?

There are some serious problems going on here. No posse points from cattle battles. No chat. No mail. Unable to leave posse. Doesn't seem that 'contact us' is working. I can't be the only player experiencing this. What is going on?
"Trust, but verify"


  • JessyjamesJessyjames Member Posts: 1
    my posse and i are dealing with the same problems
  • ThormageddonThormageddon Member Posts: 7
    Some of my posse are quitting because of this. Fix the game. Shut down the server. Tell us you're working on it.

  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Patience people. It isn't like they said lets screw up our game to piss people off. Ranting won't get it fixed. Patience is key ;)
  • JimmieRainwoodJimmieRainwood Member Posts: 22
    Squeaky wheel gets the grease, eh Frag? ;)
    "Trust, but verify"
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Lol yes you have a point. In the end I'm sure they want it up and running asap so squeaky wheels or not they fixed it ;)
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