Update 2.1

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Legendary Shaman has arrived to the frontier! The wise old healer has shared his mysterious powers with the other Shamans. Now the bunch will take even better care of the wounded!

NEW - Legendary Shaman

Hitpoints: 940
Healing: 107/s
Healing time: 23m

NEW - Shaman Changes

The changes to the heal range of the Shamans make 'em follow other troops more closely!

NEW - Dynamic PVP Scoring

Y'all can earn a lot more points from a successful raid than before. The higher the bounty score of the opponent is, the more y'all get 'em points! If you duel with someone with fewer points than you, the bounty will be smaller. Compete against others on the Global, Country and Friends leaderboards!

AND if you injure enough enemy sidekicks in a successful defence, you'll get a small diamond reward for your accomplishment. The more and tougher enemies you injure, the bigger your reward!

NEW - Changes to Posse Event and Posses

- Y'all can only contribute points to the Posse in which y'all were when the Posse Event started
- Y'all can only claim rewards in the Posse in which y'all were when the Posse Event started
- If y'all have never joined a Posse before, y'all can join a Posse in the middle of the event, but y'all cannot contribute any points during that event! (NOTE: We will fix this so that new players are able to contribute points when they join their first posse)

NEW – Card Bundles

Reinforce your troops! Hire more of the sidekicks y’all need for yer team. The card bundles are available only a limited time! Acquire the sidekicks while y’all can!

Discuss the update here: http://forums.nextgames.com/compasspoint/discussion/6378
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