Android - Can't restore game from google play games, and trying to play videos restarts the game.

DogaralDogaral Member Posts: 1
Game restore on android after reinstall loses all progress:
- you folks tried (a little weakly... your 2nd support email to me was a copy/paste of instructions about how to restore The Walking Dead??)... anyway you tried to help me restore progress after reinstall. But clearly Compass Point West on android does NOT restore progress from google play. I've tried repeatedly. If it does for some folks, it certainly doesn't for me. I restrated, tried lots of things. Please fix, and please solve the problem for me when you can. I've tried tickets but that support got me nowhere.


- They used to work fine in my original install of the game. Then when I had to reinstall (and lost all my progress which support was unable to recover for me), and in all reinstalls since then (I've tried a few times and restarted progress each time in case it would help), the videos don't work.
- So I think something is up with the video player in the current android version.

I don't see a thread about the videos so wanted to let you good folks know so hopefully it can get fixed. Probably a low priority but considering it WAS working on release date then stopped shortly after, well then maybe it's not that hard of a fix?

Great game - hope you folks can make it so android gamers can restore progress when the game gets reinstalled!

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