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Welcome to the official forums of Compass Point: West. Above all, Next Games wants to promote a friendly and constructive place to discuss all things related to our games. We have written a list of rules & guidelines below, please read through, understand and become one with them.

Note that the Admins and Moderators reserve the right to change, edit or delete any content posted within this forum at any time. We won’t make a habit of this, of course, but if you have any questions or need clarification about a decision don’t hesitate to send a message to the team.

I. General Forum Guidelines:

Be courteous to fellow forum members. Don’t insult people. If another user has bothered you, take a deep breath, fire up Compass Point: West and take it out on cattle rustlers instead.
The reputation, post reporting and private messaging systems are in place to create a positive environment. Don’t use them to harass other members.
No posting of personal information of any kind. No doxxing. No witch hunts.
Keep links to phishing sites and spam to yourself.
Respect the forum’s topic and keep discussions in the right place.
Don’t argue openly with a moderator or admin. If you have a beef, take it to private messages.
Respect the privacy of private messages. Don’t post personal messages publicly unless you have the express permission of the other person in the conversation.
No duplicate accounts!

II. Strict rules!

The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links:
Porn, anything unsafe for work, gore, copyrighted material.
Pirated software and media of any kind.
Cheating, hacking, game exploits
Threats of violence or harassment, even in jest
Posting copyrighted material such as magazine scans
Soliciting, begging, auctioning, selling, advertising, referrals
Racism, discrimination

III. Report Post to the Moderators:

If you see another member breaking the rules please report the post to the admin & moderator team immediately.
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