Really need to fix the Steel problem!

I have attacked 2 people lately and have collected 5550 steel both times. I have been revenged and lost an average of 10,420 steel.
That is a net LOSS of 9,740 Steel!
What a load of cow patties.
And I will not mention how much goods/gold I lost in the exchange.


  • jake380jake380 Member Posts: 8
    Agreed Burris. I've been playing extensively. Steel is maxed out too low and posse event contribution makes it impossible to collect enough.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Steel was rare in the Wild West my friends
  • CrazyBurrisCrazyBurris Member Posts: 15
    Strangely, I was revenged again (have not spent any steel and have 136,000steel) by another player who failed, then on 2nd attempt succeeded. They only got 945 steel.
    No idea if this had something to do with the failed revenge or if their steel storage was full.

    I understand "steel in the old west was rare" but if you can only gain 5550 steel on an attack, what sense does it make to lose 10k+ from a revenge attack?
  • CrazyBurrisCrazyBurris Member Posts: 15
    Also I lost 27,980 gold but kept 69,690 goods in the exchange.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Not sure why it's like that. I suspect what you lose isn't all that the player gains. If I attack I can only steal like 5600 steel yet I lose 7-8k sometimes. I think maybe some of it goes to cpw or something. Not sure how to explain it. But let's say I attack the player might see that he lost 7000 steel yet I only gain 5600. If he revenges maybe he gets back 7000. 5600 from me and 1400 from cpw. I never really paid close attention. It's always been this way so I don't know what the scoop is. Support couldn't offer me an explanation either. So I just wrote it out of my brain and play as it is.
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    Yes Frag, I don't worry my poor brain with the give and take calculations ... seems totally random! However, I do wish we had some way of building up our steel ... as everyone says it's needed more and more but we have no way of increasing production. Even at higher levels where you have finished all the track and have 5 trains so don't need steel for track, and you have maxed both the furnace and the store, it's still hard to build up enough for troop upgrades. Looking on the bright side, they did fix the 5th train ... after heaps of comments ... so I guess we just keep requesting!
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    I agree. More Steel would help. I guess something in the game has to be hard to achieve lol
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 193
    CPW appears to be using steel as a limiting element, to keep players from having swarms of legendary sidekicks.
  • Lucky_Charles1608Lucky_Charles1608 Member Posts: 26
    Most of my Legendary sidekicks were before the steel era ... I have swarms of them ;-) But an extra furnace will help + some clarity about the steel coming and going with a raid
  • jamesblondejamesblonde Member Posts: 45
    I've been revenges and lost 7,6k while I'm just able to take 4,5k on each attack...
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