incredible loss from revenge attack...!

keymankeyman Member Posts: 29
Howdy !

I am level 36.
so when I attack a town I can expect to win from 75 000 to 150 000 approx. gold or wood. and 5160 steel
So how it is possible to get that much loss from a revenge attack ???

By the way it is at least the second time it append to me; that I noticed...

see the screenshot picture


You can see in that picture that I loose
196 616 gold
239 484 wood
7 298 steel

Even the best loot ever I can expect in really far from what this revenge cost me....

Here on a 2nd picture, an example a town I can raid, and an average of what I can expect to win


So as you can see I have to attack and win almost 3 towns to cover the loss of only one revenge attack on my town.

Please how it is possible ??
I know it is not a glitch from the last update because it already append to me after the revenge was introduce.

Thanks for your answers.
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