Update 2.2 - Gold Rush

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Download the update and join the adventure now: http://getwest.nxtg.ms/

NEW - Gold Rush!

New posse event type. The raid sites on the railroads turn from cows and horses to minerals; gold and gems. The Gold Rush raid sites will be mostly defended by sidekicks, so it’s time to get your tactics for troop vs troop action ready!

NOTE! The first Gold Rush event will start this week. Y’all see the gold and gem railroad raid sites once the new event starts!

NEW - Bigfoot!

The Bigfoot has finally arrived to the frontier. He's big, powerful and ready to smash them buildings. Get him exclusively from the Gold Rush event rewards!

NEW - Platinum pack

Get guaranteed high tier cards from the new pack!

NEW - Mitch Miner cards

Mr. Miner speeds up the Gold Rush raid site cooldowns. Collect ‘em to fill those trains with minerals even faster.

NEW - Merge Doctor Waltz cards with 3 cards and some rebalancing!

The balances were made to reflect better the actual healing times in the game.

New Doctor Waltz healing time reduction times:
Regular 1m
Rugged 5m
Veteran 20m
Notorious 1h30m

Bug fixes:

· Deployment zone is fully active now
· Claim rewards after the event has ended
· Enemy Camps show the right amount of sidekicks when scouting
· New players joining a posse after the event has started for the first time ever are able to contribute to the total score in that event

NOTE! Though mentioned in the newspaper and what's new text, the dynamic PvP scoring has not been added to the game. Currently: after a successful attack you will earn 6 stars and the losing gunslinger loses 1 star. This applies to both regular and revenge attacks.

Discuss the update here: http://forums.nextgames.com/compasspoint/discussion/8326/
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