Server Problems ...Please help

All of a sudden, in the last 12 hrs of this Cattle battle, all of My Posse The Inlaws are experiencing very slow and jerky movements on our screens, making it very hard to play effectively ...Please help...ASAP ..Thanks


  • KuddKudd Member Posts: 1
    Me too.
  • ducksoup9ducksoup9 Member Posts: 10
    This in-app slow-down seems to be related to the blue "Weekly Offer" banner ad (in the upper right corner of the screen)...if you tap on that ad and then hit X in the upper right corner of the pop-up box to close it, normalcy should be restored. I'm finding, though, that I can't even watch a replay of an attack on my town because that "Weekly Offer" ad sits in the upper right corner and cannot be accessed, which slows everything down.

    Over the past couple of weeks (since the devs introduced that "Weekly Offer"), this was the only period of time where I've seen it CONSTANTLY showing up. In the past, I was able to tap that blue shape once, and then click the X, and the offer never came back. Now it comes back every time I start the app or move from my town to my map or move to another player's map, etc. It's NON-STOP...
  • TBone008TBone008 Member Posts: 22
    Thank you..
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Howdy partners! Our development team have the lagging issue fixed now for y'all!
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