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Bonjour , je joue à west sur ipad et j adore ce jeu... Je suis au niveau 42...mais j ai un problème sur la carte n arrive pas à accéder aux coins de la carte...en haut à gauche et à droite ainsi que en bas à gauche et à ne pourrai donc pas découvrir certains espaces ?...merci de votre aide


  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Howdy @walkpk! Unfortunately I can only reply to you in English, but if you are having trouble with your map I suggest you contact our customer support so that they can investigate the issue #westsupport
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    "Hello , I play at west on iPad and I love this game ... I am at 42 ... but I have a problem on the map ... I don not access the corners of the card in ... top left and right and bottom left and right ... so I will not discover some spaces? ... thank you for your help"

    That's what he said according to google, I wish I was hat fluent in french XD

    Désolé si je semble stupide, je suis en utilisant Google Translate. Mais tous les 4 coins sont à l'heure actuelle ne peuvent être obtenus , si vous avez entièrement mis à niveau de la carte qui est ?

    (I hope I don't sound like a idiot LOL )
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Thank you @TXP_Charlie ! You don't sound like an idiot :) I wish I could speak French that well too! It would be great if @walkpk could contact our support team so they can take a proper look the the game.
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    LOL NP @KellyGrey :blush: Hopefully my google french will prevail :D
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