Doctor Waltz recovery times


This has been puzzling me a little,

Regular Dr Waltz = -5 recovery time
4 = -20 min, if merged to a Rugged Dr Waltz, that = -30 min

Nothing odd about that, but the following:

4 Rugged Dr = -2 hours if merged to a Veteran Dr Waltz = -2 hours

No difference, except a lighter pocket book, I forge how much, but even when you merge 4 Vet cards you get over -8 hours heal time (not much but still over unlike 4 merged rugged)

Can't we get a little bonus time for the Vet Dr Waltz? Since it's no free to merge after all :wink:


  • EKW514EKW514 Member Posts: 47
    The cost to merge rugged Doc cards is 20K each gold and goods, and 72K each to merge veteran cards.

    I only merge to save space.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Thanks @TXP_Charlie ! This feedback is great for our developers!
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    NP! :smiley:
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Totally agree with Charlie, my whole group is not impressed with this dr.walts update, I can see players giving up on this game, you must think around the world spring has sprung and players will most likely cut back on playing, with this update they may just retire.... Less players playing...less dimonds CPW sells....
  • HighlanderHighlander Member Posts: 38
    I agree with you guys. The game will be left to only big spenders if this continues. Hope they rethink this as it is going to deter players being active
    With 4 hour cool downs and now this, is someone trying to put us off actually playing?
  • xCF97xxCF97x Member Posts: 25
    Not one positive comment on my posse about this. There's talk about ropes, tar, and feathers! JK but this was a terrible change!
  • ProspectorGioProspectorGio Member Posts: 6
    Have the troop healing times gone down ? If not then why bring the Dr cards healing time down lol especially 1min recovery time what's that I can just wait 60 seconds instead of filling up my camp with useless cards like that
  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    "1 Minute" cards are indeed a complete joke. Laughable.
  • bullelkbullelk Member Posts: 5
    I rely on these doc cards quite heavily on the harder cattle battle events, to have them lowered to rediculous heal times is just like a slap in my face
  • Lucky_Charles1608Lucky_Charles1608 Member Posts: 26
    The Notorious Dr Waltz was a joke 8 hour or so ... but the 1 min is absurd. Change the Notorious in max 4/5 hours and give us back our 5, 30 and 150 min cards back
  • Bjfarley97Bjfarley97 Member Posts: 4
    This new dr.waltz cards update really sucks. Many ppl are thinking about quitting the game. I mean really 1 minute healing time is useless. So now we need to save twice as much dr. Cards then new miner cards with no extra space to hold them. Just put the dr. Cards back the way they were plz.plz.
  • xCF97xxCF97x Member Posts: 25
    Did CPW make the healing times at the medicine wagon longer?
  • bullelkbullelk Member Posts: 5
    I know my heal times seem to be much much longer now, and my troops seem to be getting beaten easier too, not sure what happened but drillers sites that used to only take one or two troops are now claiming 6-10 of my troops.....
  • jamesblondejamesblonde Member Posts: 45
    At least 2h-2,5 for legendary and 5m for normal thanks
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    edited April 2016
    one thing is for sure, since the update I have been playing ALLOT less...
    Not because I'm sulking or anything, but because I can only play so much in a day, and that's usually at a couple longer sessions during the day, I don't have the time to play every 4 hours , and for 10 min too as I can't heal my troop... Simple math :confounded:
  • piyushpiyush Member Posts: 4
    Fully agree that the dr. Waltz update + expensive diamonds = lower playing times. I will probably quit if u cannot play this game. Appreciate developers need to generate income. However If the diamonds were cheaper or there was a way to buy package for higher times on dr. Waltz cards I am sure most of us would buy and the developers would generate much more income. However the current pricing and dr. Waltz levels will deter most players off the game
  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    There just needed to be some balance in this update! Not unlike the first PVP point revision (remember the +/-30 points, that freaked everyone out) - with this they simply went too far again.

    There needs to be some "in-between ground" here...

    Right now, who in their right mind will save up 3 X 1 minutes card to upgrade to 1 X 5 minute card? Ridiculous. Who even has the space for this nonsense, especially with the new Big Foot and event cards. (And, btw, all my camps are maxed.)

    I understand that CPW wants/needs/deserves to turn a profit - no question they do, and this game is worth paying some bucks. But this is absolutely tooextreme, and ironically may end up alienating many loyal players.
  • IdSmkUIdSmkU Member Posts: 3
    Inlaws all agree... the new doc cards are horrible.. please fix this asap
  • jamesblondejamesblonde Member Posts: 45
    With new BF we will need more recovery time...
    Why don't you gave 6 cards for guys had a legendary before?
    I'm not sure that if you bank cut your cash by 6 you'll say ok I'm happy with that it's the game you make the rules...
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