This game is getting very boring

I've maxed out my town, and honestly, I'm bored to death. I'm sitting on a pile of notorious cards, unable to amass enough steel to merge them. And because the battles are so repetitive, I find myself playing other games more and more. Dev team, you seriously need to provide some updates to keep the veterans amused.

The steel costs are utterly ridiculous. At least make steel more available.


  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    You need to do PVP battles - not just send trains. I find my self with too much steel, and I am almost maxed (lev 51).
  • RexDogRexDog Member Posts: 4
    Get rid of the Gold Rush!
  • BigJakeBigJake Member Posts: 21
    I am saddened to say that the game is seriously falling in fun.. The updates are more irritating than fun. My posse often now results in many players playing just to get a few cards and then nothing. Please West get creative because the players are giving you gggggreat suggestions that you are ignoring.
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